Dino will win re-election, says former Kogi Ag. Governor Olafemi

Dino will win re-election, says former Kogi Ag. Governor Olafemi

Sunday, January 13, 2019 11:46 pm

Dino Melaye on a stretcher

By Richard Elesho/ Lokoja

Kogi State Director of People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential Campaign Council, Chief Clarence Olafemi has berated government for its continuous war against Sen. Dino Melaiye and opined that in spite of his travails, the Kogi West Senator is set to win the forthcoming election into the National Assembly. Dino has been in a running battle with the police and is presently recuperating in a police facility, ahead of his trial for murder.

Olafemi, a former Speaker of Kogi State House of Assembly and one time Acting Governor of the State disclosed this during an interview with TheNews in Lokoja. He questioned the amount of time and resources government is devoting to the Melaiye investigations and described it as political.

“I am reassuring you we are doing every thing possible to ensure that Dino win (Kogi West senate) election, whether they keep him in prison or they don’t keep him in prison. The war against  Dino is purely political. We in Okunland, we in Kogi West, we are going to vote for him, we cannot abandon him, he is useful to us. How can government expend so much money, so much manpower running after a single person! In my 68 years in Nigeria I have not seen such thing.”

Olafemi who is also the Asiwaju of Okunland, likened the senator to the popular South African activist and former President Nelson Mandella and argued that his challenges with the law enforcement agencies have made him more popular. He assured that the party and people of Kogi West will not abandon the senator, but rather continue to give him moral support.

“I can assure you authoritatively that Dino is in high spirit where he is. As a human being his incarceration is a denial of his human rights, is a denial of his liberty, no doubt he will have some elements of psychological depression. Like Nelson Mandela, he is struggling against the tides, but one day, he shall be liberated.

“Half of our presidential rally in Lokoja on Monday January 7 was devoted to Dino, we are aware that he will hear from where he is to further boost his morals. We are behind him, the party is behind Dino, the campaign committee is behind Dino, Kogi State people are all behind Dino, Kogi West is behind Dino. They are doing this thinking that his arrest will slow down his chances in the election. They are wasting their time. They have only succeeded in making him more popular”.


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