Idowu Obasa Loses Mother

Idowu Obasa Loses Mother

Monday, October 1, 2018 5:02 pm


Madam Felicia Akanke Obasa.

The Obasa family has announced the death of the Matriarch of the family, Madam Felicia Akanke Obasa. She died yesterday, 30 September at 9:15 pm in her home at Greenpark Estate, Agege, Lagos. Aged 88, she was a gifted and hard working business woman. She is survived by five children: idowu, Sheri, Rotimi, Kayode and Toyin. These children are successful in their various callings.

She was never called Maami(my mother) by these children; she was always called Mama Wa(Our Mother) because she was extremely generous and very kind to the children of other people whether she knew their parents or not. Friends of her children always considered her house, then in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, a home-away -from home. She was a big mother to everyone in her home. ”Her home was a place that was available, as long as you could blend with the environment. You would feel very welcome if you did not mind the fact that you would have to share almost everything with everyone else. I do not know how that started but I have a suspicion that it was probably how she lived in the North. I also feel she inherited that way of life from her own mother, Mama Zaria, who was also everybody’s mother”, Idowu Obasa said.

She was very Godly. According to Ladi Ogunnubi, one of the beneficiaries of her warmth and generosity, every morning, at the crack of dawn, Mama would gather the sleepy and lethargic family members and facilitate the devotion time. ”As a child, I dreaded those prayer sessions. Today, as a follower of Jesus Christ, I’m extremely grateful for Mama Wa’s prayers and cannot emphasize enough how blessed I am because of her exemplary faithfulness and consistent prayerfulness”.

Mama knew how to minister to the needs of others; she knew how to counsel people in times of trouble. She knew how to inspire people to greater heights. She was incredibly courageous.

During the draconian rule of General Sani Abacha, she was a strong supporter of the Independent Communications Network Limited, publishers of TheNEWS, PM NEWS and TEMPO. Her house in Alausa was one of the hideouts of the then underground journalists who had been declared wanted on the national radio and television. She kept the contraband in her house; she even helped to sell TEMPO. It was not just because Idowu Obasa, one of her  sons, was a co-founder of ICNL, she too was imbued with a deep sense of fairness and justice.

In her life time, The Akanke Foundation was established to cater for orphans, to help indigent students and, according to Kanyinsola Obasa, one of Mama’s grand children,”’to give the girl child the requisite training she needs to be financially empowered”.

The burial programme will soon be announced.

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