Taliban militants overrun Afghan army base, kill soldiers

Taliban militants overrun Afghan army base, kill soldiers

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 12:23 pm

File: Afghan Taliban militants

Dozens of Afghan soldiers were killed in fighting with Taliban militants after their base was surrounded in Afghanistan’s northern Faryab province, local officials said on Tuesday.

Sebghatullah Sailab, a provincial council member, said initial reports indicated that at least 50 soldiers were killed and numerous others wounded at the base within the past three days.
He said the remaining soldiers of the 140-strong force surrendered to the Taliban after their ammunition ran out late Monday, adding that the base was now fully controlled by the Taliban.
According to Sailab and Mohammad Rahmani, another provincial council member, the base, which was the only remaining government facility in the district, had been surrounded by Taliban militants for at least two months.
According to Rahmani, all but a small number of the soldiers were killed and those remaining surrendered.
He added that the road to the base is controlled by the Taliban, rendering ground support impossible.
Afghan Defence Ministry spokesman, Ghafoor Javid only confirmed the death of 17 soldiers, with 19 others wounded.
He said that help is on the way, but declined to give further details.
Taliban militants have ramped up attacks on Afghan security forces, their facilities and the Afghan government in the past few months.


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