Apostolic Faith Church Buildings Dedicated in Idi- Ape, Mokola, Ibadan

Apostolic Faith Church Buildings Dedicated in Idi- Ape, Mokola, Ibadan

Friday, June 8, 2018 8:34 am

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Gbenro Adesina/Ibadan

Tuesday June 5 2018, members of The Apostolic Faith Church trooped out en masse with family and friends to dedicate their church buildings at the Idi-Ape and Mokola branches respectively.

The Director for West and Central Africa District, Rev. John Musgrave came from the church’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon, United States of America, US, to officiate and dedicate the buildings. The cutting of the tapes to formally declare the two churches open was conducted by Rev. Musgrave, who was assisted by WECA District Superintendent, Rev. Emmanuel Adediran, regional and district overseers and other elders.

The dedication service for each branch was conducted within two hours with renditions of different classical and instrumental music, recitation of biblical memory verses, bible readings, Christian performances and preaching.

In a solemn service at Idi-Ape, Rev. Musgrave, who brought greeting from the Superintendent-General of the church, Rev. Darrel D. Lee, expressed his delight at the dedication of the leadership of the branch as well as the dedication and cooperation of the members of the church towards the completion of the edifice.

The Congregation

In his sermon built around Exodus 25: 1-9 and titled, “This is the day the Lord has chosen”, Musgrave noted that there are blessings in giving to God from the heart pointing out, “In this church, we do not beg for money. That is not the reason why we are here. We don’t pass bags during service to collect money. We want people to give from their hearts. We follow God’s instructions. We rely on God to provide for His church and that is why we are here. Because we have given to the church without being compelled, that is why you are enjoying today”.

Urging people to rely on the plan of God not in their own plans, he said that there is absolutely nothing in this world adding, “People can have plan that is great. You can have good intention and plan but let me tell you, a plan outside Jesus Christ is nothing. It is only what we do for Christ that will stand. Let me tell you, this place you have built for God, whenever you gather, God will come down to be with you. You have built a place for God to dwell. But it is your heart that God wants to dwell in. God has come to dwell in the hearts of the people of Idi-Ape because the people of Idi-Ape have followed God’s instruction”.

Reverend Darrel Lee (left) is Superintendent General of the Apostolic Faith organization

He narrated a story to illustrate that only the plan of God will stand not the plan of man saying, “In 1986, I was working for a company in Portland. The owner of the company was a good business man and very principled. He ensured that his staff enjoy. The man is careful.

His plan in life was to build a prosperous company which will be sufficient to take care of him after his retirement. In 1994, I received news from someone that he had fallen sick and had to go through surgery. After the surgery, he died. So, you can see that it is only the plan of God that can stand”.

Tracing the history of the branch, which started as a bible study centre in 1986 and later metamorphosed into a proper church in 1995, he stated that the foundation of the church building located at no. 10 Joseph Owolabi Close, Idi-Ape, Iwo Road where the church is today, was laid on Tuesday June 12, 2001.

He lauded those who conceived the idea of the branch especially late Rev. T. A. Ogunnaike, Rev. J. O. Osunbunmi, Rev. E. O. Adegboyega and the current Pastor of the church, Pastor S. O. Olatunji for constructing the tabernacle for God.

Similarly at the Mokola Branch, members, friends and families gave thanks to God for the completion of their church which also started as a bible study centre in 2011 and commenced full Sunday services on October 28, 2012.

The foundation of the magnificent edifice was laid on February 28, 2017 by the regional overseer, Ibadan Region, Reverend S. O. Oyekanmi.

Reverend Musgrave also commended their commitment and resilience and their dedication in ensuring that the building was completed in record time.

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