Nigeria Set For Budapest-Lagos Motor Rally

Nigeria Set For Budapest-Lagos Motor Rally

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 4:42 pm


By Daniels Ekugo

A Nigerian, Omotunde Komolafe has promised that come June 2018, Nigeria, Lagos will witness a convergence of auto rally from all over the world as they kickstart the grand intercontinental Motor Rally tagged Budapest–Lagos Challenge.

Addressing a Press Conference in Lagos, at the Shyllon Museum in Lagos, Mr Komolafe said ‘This motor rally is purposely inaugurated first, to draw the attention of tourists in Europe to the tourism potentialities of Nigeria, and to showcase Nigeria to the world of motor rally competition”.

He pointed out ‘My country is blessed with wonderful people. My country is endowed with tourism potentialities which are still virgin, in the raw form and waiting to be enhanced, developed and patronised. Going by my over 32 years in Europe, I found out that majority of the people here does not have copious knowledge about the tourism goodies in Nigeria. Hence, our resolution this year is to create an intercontinental event to draw the attention of the world to the good side of my country”.

Mr Komolafe who was once the Gambian Ambassador in Hungary disclosed ‘Motor Rally is an intercontinental affair. It does not only involve people of different countries and races but of countries and continents. It is one of the best strategies of branding a country and making it visible in the eyes of the world.”

Mr Komolafe “The caravan of hope will kick – off in Budapest passing through the Sahara desert, to Morocco–Gambia–Senegal – Mali –Burkinafaso – Benin Republic, climaxing in Lekki area of Lagos in June 2018”.

He revealed “We are going to be about 200 drivers, and it gonna be a sight to be. I know the numweous challenges we are going to have but all that have been taken care of since I came into the country. We are expecting people from Nigeria to join us as we journey from Budapest to Nigeria. We are going to raise the flag of Nigeria high and talk about Nigeria’s tourism potentialities in everywhere and every opportunity which offered itself throughout our route”.

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