5 Reasons To Move To Lekki

5 Reasons To Move To Lekki

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 2:20 pm

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If you ever considered buying or renting a place in Nigeria, the location is likely a big priority for you. Lekki is a well-known spot in the Lagos area, famed for its celebrity occupants and beautiful real estate. Find out why moving to Lekki is a great idea for anyone and browse top offers from https://jiji.ng/real-estate to find your new beloved home.


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Perhaps, the biggest reason why people are so drawn to the Lekki area is its magnificent location. On one hand, you will live close to the ocean and can go for a refreshing swim or enjoy a sunbath any time you want. On the other hand, the commercial center of Nigeria, which is the Lagos Island, Victoria Island, and Ikoyi area, is also very close, meaning you can live comfortably in Lekki and easily commute to work to Lagos.


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Security is a big concern in Nigeria right now – even in Lagos you often can’t feel secure at night, and in some areas even the broad daylight is not really safe. Luckily, the security threat is minimized in Lekki. Not only is it much safer to walk the streets in Lekki, but most houses on sale in this area belong to gated communities. Gated communities don’t let trespassers in and are protected by security guards for extra safety.


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Lekki has real estate opportunities for all kinds of buyers. If you don’t like to buy pre-owned houses, the good news is that Lekki has plenty of undeveloped land – you can find the spot where you want to live and build your own house the way you want. Likewise, there are hundreds of houses to choose from if you need a new place urgently or simply don’t want to spend months on constructing your own home.


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The life in Lekki is different from any other part in Nigeria, including the best parts of Lagos. Lekki is free from busy corporate centers and insane traffic – life here is just much more tranquil. Plus, Lekki has one of the most developed infrastructures in the country. You can do your shopping at a nearby corner shops or go to a giant mall, let your children play in a special play area or take them to one of the many recreational facilities in Lekki – the choice is nearly endless!


Moving to Lekki is one of the signs that you’ve made it in life. The Lekki community includes the best known and admired names in Nigeria, from politicians to businessmen and entertainers to athletes. If the idea of having a national celebrity as your next-door neighbour is enticing, then you’ll love living in Lekki!

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