Obiano: Buhari likes governors like me

Obiano: Buhari likes governors like me

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 5:00 pm

President Buhari and Governor Obiano at the meeting in Aso Rock Villa on Tuesday

Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State said on Tuesday that President Muhammadu Buhari likes governors like him who are delivering dividends of democracy to their people.

The Governor who spoke after a closed door meeting with the President at Aso Rock Presidential Villa on Tuesday told journalists that the President has also assured him that he will ensure that the November 18 Anambra election is free and fair.

“He’s reassured free and fair election, that’s what should be important to me.

“He likes governors like me. (Governors) who are hardworking, who are delivering on what people can see, who are bringing dividends of democracy to their people, that’s what the president wants.”

“He doesn’t care about your party, he wants to know that you are doing well in this area, in that area, and that’s how a president should work,” Obiano said of the meeting with the President.

“We do not believe in rigging, APGA has never rigged an election. All we want is for the umpires to be unbiased – free and fair election – and you will get the result,” the Governor said on how his party is preparing for the upcoming election in which he is seeking a second term.

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