Expert advocates for strong moral values

Expert advocates for strong moral values

Monday, September 11, 2017 3:11 pm

Minister of Education, Mr. Adamu Adamu,

Mrs Biola Oduwusi, the Executive Director, Lela Blossom Learning Centre, Abuja, says education and culture remain the best ways to impact moral value on children.

Mrs Oduwusi made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Monday in Abuja.

She said that lack of proper education among children and youths had contributed to failure of value system in the society.

“Most of the children become adults who turn out to disturb the peace of the nation because they were not given quality education.

“Education is the best inheritance any parent or guardian can give their children and go to sleep with their eyes closed, knowing that children are the leaders of tomorrow,” she said.

She urged parents and guardians to ensure that they enroll their children in schools in order to instill moral discipline in them and to prepare them for the future.

Oduwusi advised parents and guardians to always pay attention to their children’s education by going through their books and assignments to enable them know where the children need to improve.

She also said that teachers have a role to play in inculcating sound education and moral discipline on the children.

“The training and upbringing of a child does not lie in the hands of the parents alone, but also in the hands of the teachers.

“Children from the ages of two to ten spent more than six hours of their time in school away from their parents.

“We in the school do not just teach English, Maths but we teach the Nigeria culture and values as they cut across tribes and culture,” Oduwusi added.

She said this would enable the children to know more about their country’s food, language, cloths and how to relate with one another and not see themselves as enemy.

Oduwusi, therefore, urged teachers to ensure that they do their work by making sure that they give their best to instill values in the children in order to make them great leaders of tomorrow.


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