On Dino Melaye’s recall petition

On Dino Melaye’s recall petition

Thursday, June 22, 2017 9:29 am

Akinyemi Onigbinde

By Akinyemi Onigbinde

As we become excited on the issue of Dino Melaye’s recall petition, now before the parliament, I just hope some of us are not deceived into believing the cheap propaganda that the reason behind this constituency constitutional entitlement is about the Senator’s poor representation on policy issues.

On the contrary, it has more to do with personality clash between a governor, who, in decent society, has no business sitting at the helm of affairs of a people in need of good governance, and a Senator perceived more as a nuisance, whose mode of operation is seen as thuggish, even among fellow thugs,masquerading as ‘distinguished’ parliamentarians.

Let it be said, and I stand to be controverted, Dino Melaye, both as a member of the House of Representatives, whilst in PDP, and as a Senator, in APC, has made more positive contributions to national affairs, in a more utilitarian measurement,as he calls our attention to obnoxious state policies from the floors of both chambers. You may not like his style, adumbrated more by hostile media,as propelled by his political opponents within his party which, in any case, is a sure metaphor for ‘an atomistic society, perpetually in conflict with itself’.

The truth is, if voters are alive to their constitutional responsibility, 3/4 of so-called constituencies representatives have no business in parliament,either as Senators or as members of House of Representatives. If Dino will live to expectation, and if the Senate will also play its allotted role, the drama just commenced with an ‘opening’ glee, as we used to have it, back then in primary school during the end of year entertainment drama.Sure, another petition will be procured, affirming confidence in Melaye, just the way the governor of Kogi manufactured his own recall petitioners.

I expect the Senate to ‘foot drag’ on the matter, and that is if matter does not end in court. But one thing is certain, Senator Olubukola Saraki is not about to let Melaye off his radal screen as an ally against a permanent threat to his office, from the Executive arm of government and, more ferociously,from the Lagos axis of his party. And, lest we forget, Saraki is still the sitting president of Senate, a body expected to action Melaye’s recall petition from his ‘constituency’ in Kogi.

Please, get me my bottle of brandy as I sit back, awaiting the commencement of this pending Comedy, the newest after EFCC-Magu serial discoveries of ‘orphaned and abandoned’ millions of naira notes in sacks.

-Professor Akinyemi Onigbinde, retired Philosophy teacher, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, currently Senior Research Fellow in programme, Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon,Ghana

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  • MANOFgod says:


  • WeeFree ✓ says:

    Akinyemi Onigbinde, good boy, now Dino will send you a fat bank transfer for this “Fine Bara” piece.

  • ghengis khan says:

    This chap is making claims on zero evidence. Dino has done more for his people than the governor, using a utilitarian measurement? The writer provides no proof. Clearly, ego is involved. And what is there to like in the style of the cartoon character. The governor, like Dino, is a shithead. Why Dr. Onigbinde thinks he shouldn’t be where he is in a sane society, but is reticent on the pantomime senator is hardly a mystery. He spent time defending the catastrophic Gbenga Daniel in Ogun State

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