Wizkid drops new video ‘Come Closer’ without Drake

Wizkid drops new video ‘Come Closer’ without Drake

Friday, April 7, 2017 7:06 pm

The Come Closer Girls

 Wizkid has dropped his much-anticipated video for the single, ‘Come Closer’ but without Drake, the American rap artist.

 Drake’s absence was clearly obvious as his verse had no one to mime it except Wizkid, who handled the situation very well.

 And it is already generating rave reviews, attracting accolades such as ‘it’s a dope’, ‘a game changer’, ‘it’s fire’ and so on.

 The video which was released on April 6, has already raked over 400,000 views on You Tube and over 3,000 on Wizkid Evo account.

 The audio on You Tube has closer to 1.5million views.

 In the video, according to a report by MTV Base, a new blonde haired Wizkid is seen sporting an all-white outfit with some swamp green boots in the opening scenes.

 The video itself was wonderfully shot in the studio with dancers who are clad in African-face paint and African prints which ignited more admiration for Wizkid for projecting African.

 However, a fan took to his twitter handle to remind Nigerians that Wizkid also did not show up in the video of ‘One Dance’ by Drake..So we shouldn’t be angry if Drake also didn’t show up in his video.

 Wizkid in his response to his fans, said: “Had a family emergency during ‘One Dance’ video shoot, and Drake was on tour when we did ‘Come Closer’. No bad blood, one love still” .

Meanwhile the tweet has been deleted.

 In 2016, the singer was absent during Drake’s video shoot for ‘One Dance’, and failed to make the final cut.

According to some section of fans, it was payback time.


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