My tour of duty in Ondo State

My tour of duty in Ondo State

Monday, February 20, 2017 3:08 pm

Kayode Akinmade

By Kayode Akinmade

•I Thank Dr. Segun Mimiko, others for successful tenure

It is with gratitude to God that I recollect my resumption in office, in Sept 2011, as the Commissioner For Information in my dear state, using a mentor, leader, a role model, an astute politician and a total administrator, Dr Olusegun Mimiko , to open this new chapter in my life.

Whatever has a beginning must have an end, hence , this week, that journey into the unknown, which I only plunged into with faith in the Lord will be coming to a glorious end.

I want to sincerely thank Governor Mimiko for his confidence and belief in me, hence his provision of a verifiable platform to distinguish myself in my chosen career – Journalism.

A lot happened in the course of the assignment, challenges came but God, the ever present help in time of trouble was always on hand.

To His glory, I was able to ride through the murky political terrain of the state with the rest of the cabinet members, to showcase our dear state and made it the envy of all.

The role played by my professional colleagues who have always been there for me through thick and thin can not be over emphasised.

They were able to demonstrate to me that they are like a pillar that could be leaned on, and this generosity of theirs I enjoyed throughout my stay in office. Great kudos to you all for your spirit of camaraderie.

It is important too for me to commend the resilience and creativity of the staff of OSRC and Orange F.M. 94.5, you have all been wonderful. It is to the glory of God that these two radio stations and the television segments have done marvellously well to ensure that peace reigns through their authorities in the State. I commend your sense of professionalism.

The contributions of private radio and TV stations in the state to the information dissemination in the State’s matters cannot be appreciated enough. They have helped and supported us. I thank them for believing in the state and her leadership.

My appreciation also goes to the diligent, responsible, supportive and forward – looking staff of the great ministry – Information– and everybody who worked with me directly in their official and personal capacities, displaying rare confidence in me and utmost diligence in the performance of their duties and who by their actions and creativity have helped to create a new brand and image for our great state; the sunshine state of Ondo.

With your commitments, the ministry has become the cynosure of all eyes and has endeared itself into the minds of the people as a platform for disseminating credible news and development – oriented information. You are all great in my mind.

To all my colleagues in the cabinet, I will forever cherish your sense of cooperation, love and comradeship. We have all toiled to contribute our brains, body and spirits to the success of the great government of Dr Mimiko.

My special thanks go also to the Nigerian media that, through their objective reporting of our activities, made me to work better. I appreciate my colleagues in the media immensely.

I am sure we all came, saw and conquered and posterity is by the corner to give us garlands of praise.

It is with a heavy heart however, that I remember this day, a wonderful friend, brother and fellow cabinet member who lost his life in active service to his state. Barr. Deji Falae, continue to rest in peace.

My special thanks to the good people of Idanre (Makanres) the place of my birth, for their support all through my years as the Information Commissioner representing the productive people of the city in the most successful government in the history of the state.

It is worthy of note that the value, culture of modesty they instilled in me helped tremendously in shaping my worldview in my interaction with the people at personal and official levels.

Special thanks to the Kabiyesi’s, Chiefs and community leaders in the entire state. Your royalties will endure in peace and prosperity in Jesus name.

Also, my spiritual authorities have been well structured through my church – Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries. Special thanks to the General Overseer, Dr. D.K Olukoya for regularly releasing armies of prayer – warriors who have been praying for the state for many years. God has been faithful in answering these prayers.

The Ondo state chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) has been wonderful in their activities and the various correspondents in the state are commendable in the performance of their oversight functions in the state.

Our political superstructure threshold – Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state has been very strong and has enabled the state to advance to this enviable level. Our party structure both at the state and local governments have shown passion for growth and development of the state. We are indeed blessed in the party with men and women of substance and love.

To my loving , caring and indeed God – fearing parents – Chief & Mrs M.A. Akinmade who brought me up to put in to practice the dictates in Proverb 22 vs 4, “…..By fear of God and humility, are riches and honour and life.”. Also my siblings have been wonderful and supportive. They have displayed to me an unequal sense of love, concern and passion for me to succeed and sustain success for the family – Donald, Ade, Olagundoye, Mololape, Yemisi and other Akinmade’s are recognized today.

My Nuclear Family being coordinated on my behalf by my loving wife – Mrs Bukola Akinmade has been very supportive and wonderful. My regular absence from home on official assignments has been endured by her and the children. She remains my peace of fortress and my bastion of hope. My children – Oluwashinaayomi, Oluwanifemi, Oluwadamilola and Oluwagbemisola are all for signs and wonders. Daddy is saying thanks to you all.

My friends who are across the length and breadth of Nigeria and overseas are recognized. God bless you all.

Finally, to God almighty for sustaining my life through this Odysseus journey with an excellent Governor, I am convinced that your Excellency and the entire cabinet fit appropriately into this Shakespeare’s maxim: “… Some are born great, some achieve greatness, while others have greatness, while others have greatness thrust upon them.”

…..Yes, Mimiko and the arrays of his functionaries are all to me great people who worked in a great state – Ondo. Thank You.

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