Ambode should support registered beauty pageants and their queens–Falana

Ambode should support registered beauty pageants and their queens–Falana

Saturday, February 4, 2017 2:24 pm

Miss Ayanfe Falana, the “Most Beautiful Girl, Eko 2016’’ is a 19 year old OND graduate of political science of the university of Lagos. She is also known as Belove by her friends. Born into the family of Oluwashola Falana in Ekiti state on May 1997, she enjoys dancing, exploring, and cooking. She won the Most Beautiful Girl In Eko Beauty Pageant 2016 which will run through 2018 calendar. She is the head queen among other queens who are runners up, namely MBGE Tourism Beauty Queen, MBGE Entertainment Beauty Queen, MBGE Commerce Beauty Queen, and MBGE Model Beauty Queen.

How do you feel when you were declared the winner….

I am sure I deserved it. I did my best, so I felt proud since I represented my state, and I felt proud making my family, friends around me even myself, so I felt unique and so happy.

I am happy you mentioned your state, how connected are you with Ekiti?

Actually I was born and brought up in Lagos state so I can say I am a citizen of Lagos state, and I am equally a student in the university of lagos even with my study in political science, l am currently in direct entry now. I go to my hometown from time to time or when it is necessary.

You studied political science?

Yeah, I studied political science, I did a diploma programme in University of Lagos, am done with it actually and I am currently in direct entry, 200 level political science.

Why did you choose political science and nothing….

Actually law has always been the dream but in Nigeria, you choose the course and it doesn’t happen that way, so the closest to law I think is political science that is the one that I picked.

Why do your friends call you beloved?

Yes, actually it really gets cracker when people cant pronounce Ayanfe. your native name. Ayanfe when you interpret it in Yoruba name, is Beloved; a lot of people call me that because it is easier to pronounce.

Whats your relationship with the runners up?

Yeah, right from time I am just this kind of person that I love being connected with everybody, so even while we are in camp, the connection with everybody was there because you wouldn’t know who would win so you wouldn’t want to be so proud and arrogant, so my connection with them was still as the way it used to be when I met them. It is just that there was some things you have this character when you are queen there are lot of things you have to leave behind and actually give up as a queen like a real woman.

Now that you are queen, you have a burden, people will now look at you as a benchmark in terms of dressing, behavior, character and role model, what are those things that you have put in place to make sure that you don’t fall…

You know right from time, I have always seen myself as being a role model. And I am telling the youths out there that education is the key. You see a lot of students, they are always after irrelevancies, they don’t want to do anything, they way they dress, they way they sound, I wouldn’t let because of me being a beauty queen make me so proud and I still put my education first. I want the youths out there to know that is it, so those are the things I wouldn’t do aside.

There were some things you were doing before now.. being a beauty queen, what are those things you left

Right from time I love dancing so I can say I used to be a dancer, ok I go for video shows, but right now you don’t want to see a queen in some videos, shaking, dancing, and all that, so those are the things l left behind. There are some friends people don’t want to see you with, these are things you have to develop yourself, engage yourself in one or two things, I don’t want to look so dull. I love dancing, it has always been in me but right now I am a queen… you know what am saying. When you see a queen or in a video shoot, it is not appropriate, you are a role model and you have people looking up to you. Queens don’t expose their body to others. You don’t wanna go out to places where you are being filmed out

Before you won this pageant …take us through the processes from the day you heard about the whole thing up till you were crowned…..

Are you talking about when I was in camp..

No..before you got to the camp

A friend of mine told me about the pageant. I got information about the pageant and went online and checked it up, it was supposed to be about some months before that time but actually they postponed it and I was able to participate because during that period I was in school and I had exams. So when it finally came to me I was so happy, so that I can participate now, so that’s how I got to participate in it, I got a lot of people who criticized it, thank God for this pageant, all these stuffs, nothing like it, the judges don’t sleep with you, nothing like that, you hear all those stuffs.

Now talking about sleeping with participants in pageants, do you have any experience….. Did you feel any advance, any…..

No, you go for a pageant , they have judges, unfortunately we don’t get to know our judges, until the d-day

Before you registered for the pageant, you were promised some things like if you win, this is something we will give to you… have they the organisers fulfilled their promises, have them been fair to you?

Every queen has a project and you don’t put all these projects on the organizers, the managers, we need sponsors, we need assistance. I have my own pet project, I have where I am focusing so we need sponsors to assist so that we can.. I don’t want to be a queen that is or be like a governor that will tell you that when I get into the seat I am going to provide electricity, I will do this and do that and by the end of the day we see nothing but that’s why we cry out today to the executive of Lagos state, His Excellency Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, chairman house committee on tourism, arts and culture Lagos state house of Assembly, permanent secretary on tourism, art and culture, Lagos state and special adviser to the Governor of lagos state on tourism, art and tourism to support registered beauty pageants and their beauty Queens.

This is a Lagos state pageant, it is trade marked, you know we have other pageants in lagos and all that, many of them are not trade marked, the funniest part is that, you see people partnering with those pageants because of connections and all that, and the true pageant that is trademarked, are just left behind and you know, which is not supposed to be. Anyway, it is the current level of Nigeria age, when the time comes but as it is about to happen now in the present administration of His Excellency Governor Akinwunmi Ambode who is a listening Governor and who has passion for entertainment, Lagos will be the biggest place in Africa with Governor Ambode giant strides. As the prize for the pageant, the overall winner that is my humble self and runners up queens of MBGE pageant prizes are categorized into diamond, gold, silver, bronze, copper prizes while the prizes are almost being fulfilled with the exceptions of Cash prize and a trip to ECOWAS country that are left now.

The organizers, are actually trying their best to make sure that these promises are fulfilled before we hand over to another set of beauty Queens in June 2018 calendar by the Grace Of God. We also need support in order to carryout our pet projects in orphanages, you go to some orphanages, you cant even enter inside, you feel so irritated, you see flies everywhere, hunger, starvation, things like that.
My own pet project is to focus on the orphanage, though I have other queens and they have their pet projects.

Talking about people that want to lay with you before they help you, have you had that kind of experience?

Yes I have. You know, this is a deal you are going into, you know what is ahead of you, just like the entertainment industry, you have a lot of people that can help you but they wont help you because you don’t want to do what they want you to do, these are the kind of things that make parents not to allow their kids to go into pageantry and they condemn it, but if you don’t wanna do it, nobody will force it on you, you can just wait because whosoever will help you, who have the feeling and can see that this is your dream can help you, and whosoever will not, will not. I believe that the government should come in here.

Do you believe that this your winning is a stepping stone to something greater coming..other beauty queens go in for the movies.. what is your future plan?

You know actually I have my way, I am a student, if there is anything I want to do aside, I could still go for another pageant that has a trade name like MBGE or MCCN pageant and become a beauty queen again, if not, I can go to the entertainment industry, I have Funke Akindele as my role model, when it comes to movie industry, it could actually be a nice idea.

Generally speaking what is your philosophy?

You see, life has limits, people get and put this thing called life into their head, the youths, the teenagers up there, you see most of them, they don’t wanna go to school anymore, they just wanna start making this million naira, you see those yahoo boys, lotto boys they believe they are living their life, they go to club but this life has limit, they should always think after this life, there is another place we get into. So in anything you do, you should always do it right, always think about what lies ahead in the other world. God is the source of power in all we do. We must give thanks to The source always.

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