Poll: Most Republicans fear election could be stolen

Poll: Most Republicans fear election could be stolen

Monday, October 17, 2016 6:56 pm


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Majority of Republicans in a poll on Monday expressed fear that the presidential election could be stolen from the party’s candidate, Donald Trump.

A total of 73 per cent of Republicans said that they agreed with Trump’s recent repeated warnings that the election could be stolen due to voter fraud, the poll said.

Just 17 per cent of Democrats shared the worry and 41 per cent of all voters said they thought so.

The poll, however, continued to show Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, with a lead over Trump, as other surveys did.

According to the poll, Clinton held onto a strong lead as allegations that Trump sexually assaulted women currently dominated the news.

However, 66 per cent of voters said that they were confident that their own votes would be accurately counted.

Trump had said at recent campaign rallies that the election was being rigged against him.

He said that there was large scale voter fraud that happened on and before the election date. (dpa/ NAN)


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