Time to connect with people is now

Time to connect with people is now

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 12:31 pm

Chris Nwaokobia

Chris Nwaokobia

By Philip Obin

I have remained active as a Youth Leader, a Mobilizer, and as a foremost online and New Media director of various APC programs before, during and after the 2015 elections; I cannot keep quiet but add my voice to the need for a vibrant voice to connect Nigerians with the beautiful policies and programs of the PMB Administration.

 Two voices stood tall and very tall, before, during, and after the last general elections. That is not to reduce the great work that many others did to sell the Party and Mr Buhari to the electorate. But on TV, on Radio, in both Print and the electronic media, two names stood out; One is the great and irreplaceable Publicity Secretary of our Party, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, and the other is Prof Chris Mustapha  Nwaokobia Jnr., the DG OF CHANGE AMBASSADORS OF NIGERIA. The later combines a massive presence in the social media and his youth appeal to the effective job of informing the people about the great choice that CHANGE as presented by the APC and PMB represents. He has remained committed to this as one on a divine mission.

 Alhaji Lai Mohammed is today the Minister of Information and Culture, and like many people I connect with, I have my conjectures on this. I however cannot keep quiet when I know that our great Party and the people oriented government of PMB can connect and should connect more with the masses using the massive media reach, oratory and factual researches of Prof Nwaokobia Jnr, the one we call ‘Mr Nigeria’ because of his Love for Country, his message of love, unity, oneness and brotherhood. When the opponents of our Party and government believed that they were having an upper hand in the critique of government, Prof Nwaokobia Jnr came up with a silencer he called the 40 GREAT STRIDES OF PMB IN 9MONTHS, it was a morale booster for us who are believers of CHANGE and armed us to continue to engage those who doubt CHANGE, we win supporters each time he is on TV, Radio, on Print and on the social media with the ‘COUNTRYFIRST’, ‘YES WE CAN’, ‘SAVE OUR FUTURE’ and the ‘MY ONEKOBO’ series of his, to which millions of Nigerians connect. I believe that there is no squarer peg for the square hole of Director General of National Orientation Agency NOA other than this erudite and reputable scholar whose love for  Nigeria is known to even his fiercest critics.

 I am very concerned with the obvious, which is that Nigeria needs a man with a pan Nigeria outlook for the NOA job, Nigeria needs a passionate workaholic that believes in CHANGE and in the profound policies of the PMB Administration and sincerely no one fits the billing better than Prof Nwaokobia Jnr.

 Prof Chris Nwaokobia Jnr is DG CHANGE AMBASSADORS OF NIGERIA CAN, he calls himself a Lawyer in Politics, he is a Writer, a Columnist, and a Patriot. He is the Youngest Presidential Candidate in the History of Nigeria having ran for the high office of President in 2011 at 40. He is a detribalized Nigerian with amazing faith in the potentials that abound in this great enterprise. He holds a Professorial Chair honoris in Political Science and Public Administration. And he is an avid reader with a bias for non-violence like his mentors Mahatma Mohadas Gandhi, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Rolihlala Mandela.

 In the final analysis, it is without doubt that the youths connect with him, the intellectual connect with his writings and delivery, the public connect with his passion, his love and message for a better Nigeria, the PMB Administration and Party Leaders I am sure see his regular media outings in support of this Administration, a commitment that greatly enhances the understanding and patience of our people with the efforts of government.

 I have here spoken for myself and on behalf of millions of Nigerian who await everyday the appointment of Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr as one of the anchors of one of the information Agencies of government, as Director General of National Broadcasting Commission NBC, Nigerian Television Authority NTA, or better still National Orientation Agency NOA, without a modicum of doubt I am sure that he will deliver, and carry the young and the old, women, men and children, and all Nigerians along as the CHANGE vehicle drives across the land.

 *Philip Obin is a Blogger, New Media Strategist, Founder/President at Club080.com and accomplished social entrepreneur, and can be reached [email protected] | 08027196002

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