Osinbajo: Nigerians must unite to fight evil

Osinbajo: Nigerians must unite to fight evil

Sunday, March 6, 2016 7:44 pm


Osinbajo speaking at a lecture

Osinbajo speaking at a lecture

Nigerians who believe in pursuing the good of the nation must come together with the Buhari administration in order to fight against evil and those who perpetrate it in the country.

Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, said this over the weekend in Fadan Kagoma, Kaduna State during the 2016 Khituk Gwong Day where he was the Special Guest of Honour.

Restating his clarion call for a New Tribe of Nigerians drawn from all faiths, tribes and ethnicities to pull together, Prof Osinbajo said there is need to “separate light from darkness.”

He said in too many instances leaders drawn from different areas of the nation’s life have tried to use religion and ethnicity to cause division in a bid to attain political and other selfish ends.

“Sometimes political leaders use religion to divide, they use ethnicity to oppress the people,” the VP said adding that a new Nigeria is now emerging that will include Christians, Moslems, people of all faiths and those who confess no faith.

He said those Nigerians of the New Tribe are those who believe in truth, honesty and justice among other virtues that advance the right course for the country.

“This new Nigeria must be based on love for each other,” and must value integrity, Prof. Osinbajo declared stressing that it is indeed mandated in his own personal faith of Christianity to love everyone including “your enemy. “

He explained that Christians have to love those who hate them and despitefully use them, and even have to pray for their enemies.

According to him, those who have been stealing from and looting the nation’s coffers are drawn from all ethnicity and faiths, but are united in their quest to steal. “When they are stealing the nation’s money they are completely united,” the Vice President noted.

Praising both the Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and the Kpop Gwong, His Royal Highness Paul Zakka Wyom, the main hosts of the Khituk Gwong Day celebrations, as good examples of the new Nigeria, the Vice President said it is important that those who are doing good for the nation should also band together.

“Those who are determined to do good, we must encourage them and we must not allow any kind of division to blur our determination,” says the VP, who also commended Mallam El-Rufai for completing road projects started by the former Kaduna State Governor, the late Patrick Yakowa, which had been abandoned by the subsequent state government.

Earlier, the Kaduna State Governor observed that the Vice President is indeed “a true friend of Kaduna State in word and in deed,” adding that he has visited Kaduna State thrice since after the 2015 election.

Governor Rufai noted that the security situation in southern Kaduna has since improved, and promised that the state government will remain committed to the APC manifesto as already begun.

The Kpop Gwong in his speech said “this year’s Khituk Gwong is more of thanksgiving and appreciation to God for the many things He has done for us, ” adding that the people appreciate having elected political leaders with foresight and vision who have wiped “our tears in this Chiefdom through the Change mantra that is affecting us positively.”

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