Not the best way to say goodbye: Nigerians attack Oliseh

Not the best way to say goodbye: Nigerians attack Oliseh

Friday, February 26, 2016 11:13 am


Nigeria's Super Eagles  in training: now left without a gaffer

Nigeria’s Super Eagles in training: now left without a gaffer

By Taiwo Adelu

The resignation of Chief Coach of Nigeria’s Super Eagles in the early hours of Friday has continued to generate reactions from soccer loving Nigerians.

Immediately the news of the resignation went viral on the social media, many fans took to twitter to express their anger over Oliseh’s action which they described as ‘unpatriotic.’

Chimaobi Victor wrote @chimas2010 that “Too bad the way Sunday Oliseh dumped the Super Eagles in the middle of d road.. But we must move on with our life.”  Daddy Lucious ‏said @dapoolutope that “@SundayOOliseh Dude didn’t sleep so he can resign like a thief in the middle of the night. COWARD.”

To ‏@Omojuwa, it was madness gone too far, he said: “And now, I just saw that the latest Super Eagles coach, Sunday Oliseh has resigned. The beat of madness in our football is persistent.”

Gloria Adagbon ‏@gloria_adagbon said that “When will NFA put their house in order? National football development can’t happen with all these issues!”

Hannah Imaga said ‏@HannahImaga that this was a drama which just started, “drama has ended or is it just starting? time will tell.”

Emmanuel Etim ‏@Emiearth went biblical to describe the action of Oliseh. Etim believes Oliseh has seen the handwritting that he won’t be able to scale the hurdle of Egypt in the two legged AFCON qualifiers coming in March, hence the need to quickly throw in the towel.

Etim tweeted: “Oliseh saw the handwriting on the wall. It was clearer than ‘Mene  Mene Teken Parsin’. The Egypt fixture was a mountain tooooo high.”  To @koulibalee, “Resignation of Sunday Oliseh just proved he’s not man enough and not ready for greatness as we all presumed.”

Godspeed said ‏@JesuisNaija that “@SundayOOliseh Reminds me of how Saul became king without begging for it. Arrogance and  loose temperament made it end abruptly…byeee ?”

To Oluwalana Ayodeji, Oliseh’s action as left the nation in a tight corner ahead of the fast approaching AFCON qualifiers. He tweeted ‏@ayodeji22ng that “Your resignation has left the Nation in a precarious state when we should be busy preparing for Afcon qualifiers.”

Silva said Oliseh is scared of Egypt for him to resign now. “@SundayOOliseh dats unfair. Are you scared that you can’t beat Egypt, where is your much vaunted patriotism.”

Adamu Olamide Ahmed ‏@AdamuOlamide  concluded that “@sundayooliseh this is unpatrotic and unprofessional. you ought to finish the journey which you started and not turning back midway.”

Meanwhile, despite these negative reactions, some Nigerians still believe Oliseh was right to quit.

Emmanuel Etim said ‏@Emiearth  that “It’s only fair to behave like the ‘white man’ and resign a position if the atmosphere is no longer friendly. That I applaud.”

RightsAfrica wrote  ‏@chairmanNHRC  that “Congratulations @SundayOOliseh. It’s never ok for employers to breach contracts and owe workers. That’s been standard fair at NFA.”

Charles Osei Asibey ‏said: “@SundayOOliseh the principled are often not given the chance to deliver. Massa, you pay your dues.

Oladimeji Olanrewaju ‏said that “we don’t respect contracts in this country, respect ur decision all the way.Thanks for your contribution to Nigerian Football.”

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