Time Magazine goofs over Evelyn Waugh’s gender

Time Magazine goofs over Evelyn Waugh’s gender

Thursday, February 25, 2016 6:05 pm

Evelyn Waugh

Evelyn Waugh

America’s leading news magazine, TIME has opened itself to ridicule by classifying English novelist, Arthur Evelyn St. John Waugh, as a woman.

In its  100 Most-Read Female Writers in College Classes, TIME had ranked some of  Waugh’s books, Brideshead Revisited, Scoop, A Handful of Dust,  97th on the list.

But after being ridiculed in mixing-up  the writer’s gender, the magazine quickly did a correction and removed the author’s name

To be fair to TIME’s compiler, Waugh’s name could easily be confused  by people who didn’t come across him.

He died in 1966, nearly 50 years ago.

He was born Arthur Evelyn St. John Waugh  on 28 October 1903  and died 10 April 1966.

As a writer, his most famous works include the early satires Decline and Fall (1928) and A Handful of Dust (1934), the novel Brideshead Revisited(1945) and the Second World War  trilogy Sword of Honour (1952–61).

TIME amended  list has Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison as No 3.


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  • Art Kennedy says:

    The News isn’t what it used to be—not really.

  • Art Kennedy says:

    Surprised to hear that Time is still being published—-thought it had gone the way of the Dodo Bird.

  • godems08 says:


  • doug gano says:

    I guess people at Time never read his work… or bothered to do the research needed for the article. No one cares any more about the integrity of their work!

  • trusake says:


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