Abiodun Faleke: APC leadership ‘morally corrupt’

Abiodun Faleke: APC leadership ‘morally corrupt’

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 10:51 am

James Faleke: criticises party leaders

James Faleke: criticises party leaders

Abiodun James Faleke, the man who will be absent at his inauguration today as deputy governor of the central Nigerian state of Kogi, has criticised the leadership of the All Progressives Congress for ‘moral corruption’.

In series of tweets today @JAFaleke, the member of House of Representatives explained why he would shun the swearing in ceremony of Governor Yahaya Bello, as successor to Idris Wada and later followed up with a lacerating commentary on the leaders of his party.

“The leadership of the party must be changed to assist PMB(President Muhammadu Buhari) to deliver on his programs of rescuing the country. Moral corruption is worst.Those who are morally corrupt cannot continue to lead a party of change in our country.”

Earlier  he had said  that the party was planning to call his name at the inauguation, knowing fully well he was not part of the ‘charade’.

“The plan at the inauguration of the supplementary Governor today at the Stadium in Lokoja will be to first call my name several times and after which it will be seen as if I declined and the judge will then move on to call Yahaya Bello for inauguration”, Faleke tweeted early today.

“Let it be known that I was never the running mate to Yahaya Bello and INEC had accepted the fact in its reply to my petition. I urge all our supporters to remain calm as justice will prevail. God is the greatest and He gives power and take it at anytime.”
“What is happening in Kogi State is a rape on our democracy and I want the international community to take note”, Faleke added.

The All Progressives Congress said it was ready with contingency plans to resolve the Faleke issue and part of the plan may be to pretend that Faleke is still the deputy governor-elect and declare him as such at the ceremony in Lokoja today.


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