CHAN 2016: Nigeria v Niger live

CHAN 2016: Nigeria v Niger live

Monday, January 18, 2016 5:22 pm

Nigeria and Niger have started the second match of Group C. The match is being watched by Isa Hayatou, FIFA acting president.

Tunisia and Guinea in the same group played a 2-2 draw.

15 minutes in the first half, Nigeria had come close several times to open scoring, but chances squandered.

It is still 0-0.

Chikatara wins Man of the Match

Chikatara wins Man of the Match

16.37: Nigeria makes a change by removing Jamiu Alimi, who had gotten a yellow card for a foul. Replaced by Otti Ogbolue.

19.30 Niger’s attacking move thwarted by Nigeria’s defence.

22.30 Nigerian forward ruled offside, after he was targeted with a long pass. Sunday Oliseh, the coach is standing by the side of the field shouting instructions.

25:00 Another offside rule against Nigeria. Five offsides collected today.

26.45 A Nigerian foul. Free kick taken from the right side. But Nigeriens wasted it.

30.00 Niger attacker ruled offside.

No real chances created in the past 10 minutes by either side. Still nil – nil

32.00: What we are witnessing is a Nigerian team still lacking cohesion. We see some build up in midfield but the effort is not consummated upfront.

Almost 34 minutes, still no goal. And a Nigerian is caught offside again. Sixth offside for Nigeria.

36.00: Niger on the attack from the right. Again thwarted by Nigeria.

37.00 Nigeria tries a long ball towards the goal. But Niger goalkeeper saved it on time.

38.00 Freekick to Niger after a Nigerian foul. Well taken by Niger, but put out for a throw – in by Nigeria.

Chikatara with Coach Oliseh and others

Chikatara with Coach Oliseh and others

40.00: Another attack move by Nigeria but peters into a foul.
Niger launches a counter attack of their own, resulting into a shot to Nigerian keeper.No problem in saving the ball.

43.00 A menacing Nigerian cross into Niger’s goal mouth. Again no Nigerian attacker to finish it off.

We are now in the dying seconds of the first half. Still no big effort toward registering a goal by Nigeria.

One minute of added time. But still goalless.

Referee brings first half to an end.

45.00 second half begins. Let’s hope Nigeria will redeem themselves today in Kigali.

46.00 Moses Okoro scores after a beautiful cross by Babatunde Adeniji.

49.00 Nigeria attempts another goal from a cross into the goal area of Niger. But the ball missed touch.

51.00 Niger makes a substituion. Moussa comes in.

54.00 A Niger corner. Wasted,
Another Niger corner a minute after. But it was caught by Nigerian goalie.

55.00 Niger still in search of an equaliser.

58.00 Nigerian substitution. Babatunde Adeniyi out for Nigeria. Chikatara Elvis in.

60.00 Nigeria on the attack. Player brought down in the 30 yard box. A Nigerian free kick.Well taken. Niger keeper pushes it out for a Nigerian opportunity. But Nigerian player rushing in, ruled offside. And he missed the ball anyway.

62.00 Niger corner. Deflected out of danger by Nigeria.

64.00 Another Niger substitution.

The Nigerian team are certainly playing better this second half. They are also passing better.

65.00 A golden opportunity for Niger inside Nigeria’s 18 yard box, ball rolling to an unmarked Nigerien. He was too slow in taking a shot and had the ball taken away by a Nigerian defender.

68.00 Nigeria on the attack again. But ball sliced into 18 yard bix stopped by Nigerien defence.

69.00 Nigeria makes final substitution.
20 minutes left, Nigeria still leads 1-0.

73.00 Another Nigerian counter attack thwarted.

74.00 Goal! Chikatara, a substitute spotted from midfield inside the 18. Didn’t waste the chance to record Nigeria’s second seems Nigeria is running away with three points here in Kigali.

78.00 Nigerian foul in the mid field. Taken by Niger. Ball back to Nigerian keeper.

79.00 Niger still making frantic efforts to score. But another effort checked outside 18 yard box.
80 .00 Zacharia Adebayor scores for Niger, with a long range shot with his left foot. A brilliant goal. The 19 year old said to be a brother of out of contract Emmanuel Adebayor.

81.00 Nigeria scores again. Chikatara made it a brace in a Nigerian counter attack.Game getting interesting. Four goals produced this second half.Two goals produced in two minutes. Simply incredible.

83.00 Chikatara with the ball again inside the box. But shot wild.



4 minutes left on the watch.

87.00 Niger ruled offside.

89.00 Nigeria misses a chance to record fourth goal. Thwarted by the goal keeper.

Now in the final minute. Can Niger spring a surprise? Rather it was the Nigerians on the attack. But Chikatara ‘ s touch in front of goal just went wild. Misses hat trick opportunity.

Three minutes of added time.

Chikatara wonder. Two minutes of extra time, Chikatara struck again and recorded a hat trick. Voted Orange Man of the match.

final scoreline, Nigeria 4, Niger 1. And Nigeria go top of Group C.

Bye for now.

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