N82m Soyinka dinner: Amaechi warns Wike on false allegations

N82m Soyinka dinner: Amaechi warns Wike on false allegations

Thursday, January 7, 2016 1:46 am

Rotimi Amaechi: Minister of Transport

Rotimi Amaechi: Minister of Transport

Former Rivers State Governor and Minister of Transportation,  Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has debunked the allegation by the Nyesom Wike led government of Rivers State that Amaechi as governor misappropriated N82 million in hosting Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka.

In a statement by the Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi Media Office, Wednesday, Amaechi warned Governor Nyesom Wike and those he called “coterie of court-jesters and attention-seekers in his administration to desist from peddling lies, making false allegations and criminalizing legitimate government transactions in their desperate bid to discredit the person and reputation of Rotimi Amaechi.”

The statement urged Wike to go to court, charge Amaechi to court if he has any case of fraud or misappropriation of State funds against him instead of these silly distractions.

The statement said this current allegation by Wike and his people are aimed at distracting the people from Wike’s massive electoral fraud during the last elections which different courts have confirmed, and his gross incompetence and woeful performance at the helm of affairs in Rivers State, as things continue to go from bad to worse.

“Wike must stop these silly distractions. Rivers people are not interested in his lies and witch-hunt. Rather, Rivers people want to know what will happen to their children that he stopped and cancelled the funding of their scholarships abroad. Rivers people want to know why the Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA), an agency setup by law is no longer functioning under Wike? Why instead of quality education, a standard set by his predecessor, under Wike, grasses and weeds have taken over the beautiful schools built by Amaechi?”

“Rivers people want to know why the standard health facilities and services put in place by the Amaechi administration are rotting away, not this petty rambling. Rivers people want to know why the Wike government does not care about the security of their lives and property, as violence and criminals have taken over. Rivers people want to know why it feels as if there is no government in Rivers State, and this is in spite of the billions of naira that has accrued to the Wike administration and the tens of billions of naira borrowed.”

The statement warned Wike against dragging the names of respected Nigerians who have made the country proud globally and who are internationally known to be honest and forthright, such as Prof Soyinka into his unbridled, unashamed and ill-advised attack of his former boss and benefactor.

It added that since Wike is blind to his responsibilities as Governor of Rivers State and has insisted on attacking the person and clean reputation of Amaechi as his one and only project, then let him go to court to prove his allegations and stop the nefarious insinuations against Amaechi.

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