Past 7 days Arsenal’s fantastic week, says Wenger

Past 7 days Arsenal’s fantastic week, says Wenger

Sunday, October 25, 2015 12:34 am

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has described the past seven days as a ‘fantastic week”

He spoke at the end of the victory over Everton at Emirates in London, the club’s third straight victory in a week.

“We went to Watford and won 3-0 and beat Bayern Munich 2-0, and beat Everton in one week. It has been a fantastic week. It is not easy,” Wenger said.

Asked if Arsenal are showing signs that they mean business winning the league title this year, he said his club would continue to remain focussed.

“I believe that we will keep that solidarity, that desire to do well and I think we are well focused to do well and together we have improved on that front. We know that when we have the ball we can create goal chances.”

The manager also spoke Petr Cech saves,   some   other players such as Olivier Giroud, Mest Ozil and Theo Walcott;

on starting Olivier Giroud

I have confidence. He recently made the difference coming on and today he made the difference by starting. I have interesting options, I just have to be wise enough to use them at the right moment.

on picking his striker…
We have to put our energy all together to do well for the team and the club so I do not make too much of a individual case for the players. Theo Walcott can also start which makes it easier. Let’s not forget they can play together.

on Mesut Ozil
He is a top-class player, honestly. I think rather than talking about him I would rather watch him play again. If you love to watch football, you love to watch Ozil.

on why Ozil is so special…
It is a combination of quality of the touch, intelligence and team attitude. He is a real team player, I said that yesterday in the press conference. He puts his talent at the service of the team and he wants to help the team with everything he does. That makes him efficient.


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