Under 17 World Cup: Nigeria maul Chile

Under 17 World Cup: Nigeria maul Chile

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 2:26 am

Nigeria's Golden Eaglets jubilate after another goal

Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets jubilate after another goal

Defending champions, Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets were too good for their Chilean hosts  on Tuesday night(Wednesday morning in Nigeria) at Estadio Sausalito Vina Del Mar, walloping them 5-1.

The goal margin  ought to be higher as captain Kelechi Nwakali squandered a penalty  in extra time.

The Eaglets signalled the direction of the game very early when Samuel Chukwueze slotted in the first goal in less than  30 seconds.

The Nigerians  were remarkably quick out of the blocks, opening the scoring after 22 seconds. Victor Osimhen, fresh from his goal in the opening game against USA, sprinted down the Nigerian left and slid the ball across the Chilean penalty area. The onrushing midfielder slammed home with ease.

With the Eaglets piling a lot of pressure, a Nigerian player was fouled inside the box on the 17th minute.

The resultant penalty was clinically taken by Kelechi Nwakali, shooting Nigeria, two goals up.

The scoreline remained 2-0 at half time in Nigeria’s favour. On resumption, the Eaglets  continued where they left, terrorising their opponents at will. By the 61st minute, diminutive Chukwueze recorded a brace when he scored his second goal, giving Nigeria a three-goal lead.

The fourth goal was scored at the 66th minute by Victor Osimhen, who took the second penalty of the day.

Chile fought back a bit to register themselves on the scoreline.

Their efforts paid off in the 81st minute, when  Captain Allende scored.

Three minutes, a Nigerian player, Funso Bamgboye was red carded  after  an unwarranted rough tackle against a Chilean player.

But the Nigerian spirit was not dampened at all as Osimhen scored Nigeria’s fifth goal with a well taken header, right in front of the  Chilean goal keeper. The goal also gave Osimhen his own brace for the day.

In the extra time, Nwakali squandered an opportunity to make the scoreline 6-1 and also record  a brace of his own. A Nigerian had been fouled again in the box and penalty awarded to the Nigerians. Nwakali  stepped forward  to take the shot, but he shot it sky-high.

With the victory over Chile, Nigeria has qualified for the Round of 16 .

USA and Croatia played a 2-2 draw, making Nigeria top the table, with 6 points.

Croatia comes second with 2 points, USA and Chile, one point each.

Nigeria’s final opponent in the group is Croatia.


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  • sammyctu ode says:

    chi, one thing illiterate people like you don’t know is that you are so illiterate you can’t communicate very well. Do you think that everybody in Nigeria have the information you have given? Your write up has shown that you are a typical Nigerian who can’t communicate well and you were not well brought up in a good environment. I bet you are a cultist who never went to four walls of a University and i am sure your level of education might be primary school coupled with the fact that somebody in a cyber cafe helped you construct the English.

  • Chi says:

    Shame you do not speak with facts. You have just displayed your ignorance. You have always cried for competition for DSTV yet you do not bother to find out what obtains in the industry. Startimes have exclusive rights of the U17 worldcup. They have exclusive rights for the U20 world cup, as they did with the women’s worldcup. This is the competition you all cried and still cry for. DSTV chose to pump money into the african leagues hence they have the Nigerian League, Ghanaian League, Kenyan league, Zambian League, South African league and some more. They decided to develop the African leagues and it’s players. They also chose the Afcon qualifiers over the Euro qualifiers (which is now exclusive to startimes) yet you say they prefer uefa matches at the expense of african football. Even with all this, people still complain that they cannot watch euro qualifiers. They complain that they cannot watch the bundesliga on DSTV when DSTV had to drop it in order to develop the african leagues. Startimes now have that as well. However, i bet you will not drop your DSTV and go with startimes because you do not want to stop seeing the English league and the Champions League. What a hypocrite!! Let us not even talk of the employment DSTV has created in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya , Zambia etc. You can research and get back to us. While you are at it, how many times have you watched the Glo Premier League which is beamed live every week on DSTV?

  • demola says:

    TVC is showing the matches, at least the Golden Eaglets. Was surprised that it was not on DSTV too.

  • sammyctu ode says:

    Can anybody please tell us why FIFA or Useless date not showing these Under 17 World Cup in Nigeria or Africa? This is the kind of junior world cup that can inspire young African footballers to attain higher glory. Dstv is only interested in showing epl and UEFA matches at the expense of African football development and showing expired non African movies that can’t inspire us on the continent many times over. Dstv is a useless monopolistic cable tv that wants to continue to enslave Africans at the expense of western countries.
    Congratulations to the Nigerian determined youngsters who continue to showcase African talents at this Under 17 competitions. We are proud of you and please bring home the cup for the 5th time.

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