Pregnant Wife Dumps Hubby, Elopes With Lover, Kids to US

Pregnant Wife Dumps Hubby, Elopes With Lover, Kids to US

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 11:51 am

Abibat abroad

Abibat abroad

By Cyriacus Izuekwe

Alhaji Shamsideen Adebimpe has been left in the cold after his 44-year old pregnant wife, Mrs Hajia Abibat Anike Adebimpe dumped him and eloped with her lover and their only daughter to United States of America. According to her husband, she changed her identity and obtained traveling documents and travelled abroad with his daughter without his knowledge.

The wife, Abibat reportedly parked all her properties when Adebimpe was not around at their Adebimpe Avenue home, Council Bus stop, Idimu and left. She later informed him that she has left the marriage and has joined her lover in US as she never loved him in the first place despite the fact they lived for several years as husband and wife.

According to Adebimpe, the wife said he should forget the pregnancy and their daughter as she has given both to her lover who has equally accepted to foster them. An embittered Adebimpe said while he married Abibat in 2008 according to native law and customs and performed their Muslim rite in the same year, he did not know she had another man outside her matrimonial home. He said she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl named Nimotalai Adunni in August 2013 after she registered and attended ante-natal at Igando General Hospital. She was later delivered of the baby at a private hospital.

He said with the latest development, he was at a loss on the paternity of the baby and pregnancy.

Jolted by her wife’s action, Adebimpe wrote a petition to the Nigerian Immigration services and American Embassy in Nigeria, seeking for their intervention to bring back her daughter from United States.

In the petition date 13 October, 2015, entitled “A Case of Eloping, Abduction and Child Trafficking,” Adebimpe alleged that Abibat deceived him into marriage without knowing that she had unholy and devilish missions and that she tried several times to dupe and swindle him to no avail. He said she went and obtained International passports for her daughter without his consent and when he discovered, she moved out of his house where she secretly obtained travelling documents and traveled to US with his daughter.

He said that he did not know her whereabouts when she left his home and he had to travel to her home town, Igbara-Oke in Ondo State where her relations informed him that she had traveled with changed identity with an intention for a reversal when she comes back. He said in May 2015, Abibat confirmed the travel through text message and informed him that she eloped with her lover and was due to deliver by December. He said in the same text message, she informed him that her lover has accepted to adopt his daughter and unborn child when delivered. Adebimpe noted that she deceived him and immigration service and US embassy in Nigeria to achieve her devilish mission.

“It is very obvious that she had not only deceived the US Embassy in Nigeria but also the Nigerian Immigration service in order to obtain various travelling documents for herself and daughter with another identity” he stated.

Adebimpe married Abibat in her home at 17 Ilesanmi Alonge Compound, Iloro quarters, Igbara Oke in Ondo State Western Nigeria.

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