Kumuyi’s Crusade: AJ City, Ikorodu Receive Life

Kumuyi’s Crusade: AJ City, Ikorodu Receive Life

Sunday, September 20, 2015 12:57 am


Kazeem Ugbodaga

Pastor Kumuyi

Pastor Kumuyi

For some curious observers, Ajegunle, a densely populated area of Lagos, which is widely noted for its high level of crime and violence, among others, has received a divine touch.

‘AJ City’, as it is popularly called because of its notorious nature, has always been held, in some quarters, as a city that would never change its spots, just like Leopard.

But last Tuesday, at the Lagos City-Wide Crusade, organized by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM) in conjunction with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Ajegunle, unfortunately to its critics, took a departure from its old chip.

Shortly after the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM), Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi, finished his ministration and left for the day, many of the participants at the crusade in the AJ City besieged the altar, where the man of God was, and poured out their heart-felt desires to the Lord, yearning for righteousness.

Euriel Momah, a civil servant with the Lagos State Government, who obliged a graphic picture of the event, pointed out that it was unprecedented scene, as many of them did not want to go home, unlike other locations where participants would be in a hurry to leave the venue, depicting Ajegunle’s readiness for positive change.

He remarked that Ajegunle, which many a social commentator has always believed to be never do well area, was in obvious hunger and expectations, showing an attitude of “I will not let thee go except thou bless me.”

Momah said: “They held on to prayers even after the crusade has closed for the night. They could be found around the altar in earnest prayers of faith. It was a clear demonstration of their determination not to go back home with their burdens until their problems are solved. God does not overlook such faith.”

Traditional rulers at Kumuyi's crusade in Mushin

Traditional rulers at Kumuyi’s crusade in Mushin

Aside Ajegunle, other areas where the crusade had been held equally recorded significant impact – people discovering their God. Some of the participants, who relived their experiences, said it was worthwhile, both in salvation of souls and solution to physical needs.

In Ikorodu, information gathered revealed, over 4,682 people, including chiefs, surrendered their lives to Christ. In Ikeja, over 2,000 converts were recorded, while in Alimosho, many people got themselves reconciled with God.

Also, in Alimosho, a lot of miracles took place. Mary Edy’s four and half year-old daughter, Stella, who could not speak, was miraculously healed after Pastor Kumuyi’s prayer. Before then, Stella had been taken to several private and public hospitals, including LUTH. She was later slated for brain test, which would cost N50,000.

Mrs Dele Joseph, who had incessant cough and pain on both right and left ribs for over a year, equally received her healing. Prior to her miracle, Dele had gone to Wuse District Hospital, Abuja, where an x-ray revealed that her left chest was blank. Therefore, she was recommended for CT scan, but she could not do it due to faulty machine.

General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM), Pastor William F. Kumuyi, exchanging greetings with Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Chairman, Mushin  Province  Bishop Joseph Oladipo,

General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM), Pastor William F. Kumuyi, exchanging greetings with Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Chairman, Mushin Province Bishop Joseph Oladipo,

Two weeks ago, another x-ray was carried out on her for TB and bronchopneumonia. Even though the TB test result was negative, Dele kept coughing and could not take deep breath, while the pains persisted. But on Wednesday, this week, after the prayer, the pains in both ribs stopped and now she could take deep breath, which was not possible before.

Uchenna Diei, who had stroke that affected her right side of the body and speech, also related her story. She could not talk and walk. She had sought medical attention and prayers. After Pastor Kumuyi’s prayer, she could talk and walk unhindered.

Ayo Odunukan disclosed that she had an accident on May 9, 2015, which resulted in a fracture on her left leg. According to her, she was slated for operation in the hospital, but when she came for the crusade, she was miraculously healed and had to abandon crushes. Now, she could walk unaided.

Mary Adeniyi Adebori, who was deaf and dumb for seven years, could now speak fairly, while Mr Bolaji Oloye, who had prostate cancer since 2011 and visited several hospitals without solution, received his healing and now totally freed after the prayer. Fatimo Wahab, who claimed she was spiritually attacked, had her hands physically squeeze as if tied together for 15years. But after the prayer, the yoke was broken and her hands got loosed.

An analyst, Jones Bagbe, noted that life in Lagos, prior to the crusade, had been full of challenges, even with so many churches and religious houses in the state. He also lamented that the level of immorality, criminality, cultism and waywardness had been alarming, but the crusade had brought a lease of life.
According to him, when considering the fact that those who responded to the altar call were mostly in the youth categories, the crusade would definitely enhance positive socio-moral disposition in the state.

Bagbe said: “I was told that a location recorded over 4000 converts. If this level of converts is repeated in all the 18 locations in Lagos where the crusade is holding, it will drastically reduce the level of criminality in the society.

“Not only in the criminal aspect of the society, but also in other areas. Something that baffles me when I see those who came out after the miracle prayer to give their testimony is the number of stroke-related cases, and this is also quite alarming among men and women.

“Among them are those who have not been walking on their own for years and with so many other cases like a man from Isolo Crusade location who had travelled to India for an operation to remove a cancer tumour without any success but at the crusade the tumour was taken away by the power in the name of Jesus Christ.

“The impact of this Crusade can never be overemphasized, looking at the participation and the joy that pervade the entire arena where the crusade was held. More so, many people were not sure that the man of God, Pastor W.F Kumuyi, would be or not to be in attendance but it was a great jubilation when the Pastor appeared there.

“Then, there was this aspect of the CAN and the PFN collaboration in the crusade. The experience at Ajegunle location of the crusade is another story. The CAN and PFN chorister trilled the whole congregation to a wonderful rendition. Even Pastor Kumuyi clapped for them after their rendition. So far so good it has been a wonderful time in all the locations visited so far,” he stressed.

The Chief Executive Officer of Nouvelle Communications limited, Mr. Steve Obidi, who admitted that his faith in the power of God’s word has been strengthened, noted that the crusade would help to solve some moral problems in Lagos.

Obidi added: “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Certainly, the people that are transformed by the gospel message during this programme will begin to brighten the corners where they live and work and affecting other people positively. That is how enduring change happens.

“Seeing sinners – some of them hardened criminals and grossly immoral fellows – turn a new leaf in response to gospel message and gracious work of the Holy Spirit is both exciting and reassuring. And much of such has been witnessed in this crusade series.

“This is apart from the numerous direct divine interventions in the aspect of healing and deliverance being witnessed at the crusades. This kind of thing that positively touches lives brings joy to individuals, families and the city,” he further said.

Felix Orogun, another analyst, did not mince words when he said that the crusade, so far, had transformed lives, reconciled men to God and turned many away from sinful ways, thus bringing moral reawakening in the state.

While urging participating churches to build on the gains of the crusade, Orogun stated: “There is a great revival going on in my life with a renewed hope and confidence in the God that is able to do all things as a result of this programme. I have freedom from all oppression.”

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