Sacked RSUST Vice chancellor blocked from lectureship post

Sacked RSUST Vice chancellor blocked from lectureship post

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 11:13 pm

Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

Professor Barineme Fakae,

Professor Barineme Fakae,

Attempt by Professor Barineme Fakae, the immediate past Vice-Chancellor of  the Rivers State University of Science and Technology,RSUST, to be reabsorbed as a full  lecturer of the institution has been rejected by the new Acting Vice-Chancellor,Professor Blessing Didia.

Prof.Fakae,who was a lecturer in Veterinary Medicine from the University of NsukkaUNN,before he was appointed the Provost of the Rivers State Polytechnic, Bor. He was  later appointed as the Vice Chancellor of RSUST by former Governor Chibuike Amaechi.

Fakae,who completed his two term tenure in July this year, wanted to transfer his services from UNN as a full time lecturer,but the Academic Staff Union of the Universities, ASUU, of the University vehemently opposed it.  ASUU demanded that Fakae pass through the due process well laid down in the Academia  by reporting back to UNN where he came on secondment and later apply formerly to management of the institution.

At the forefront of the opposition to Fakae reemployment of Fakae is the Chairman of the RSUST chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Dr. Puyate, Suobere Tadaerigha,RSUST Chapter.

He said ASUU kicked against the proposed re-employment of the former Vice Chancellor of the University,  saying, it runs contrary to the rules and regulations of the University system in Nigeria.

Chairman of the RSUST Chapter of ASUU, Dr. Suobere Tadaerigha Puyate stated that as a sitting Vice Chancellor, Fakae cannot employ himself as a staff at the expiration of his tenure as VC in RSUST.

According to him, Fakae “has not fulfilled the condition that merit his employment. It is wrong because he has not followed the due process.

“if one has been appointed or hired by the government, …. He will always apply for what is called ‘leave of absence’ or secondment, which he will submit to his primary place of employment”, he said.

“If he is allowed, he will leave his office to the new position. After serving in the position, and if he wants to be retained as a staff at the end of his tenure , he will have to go back to where he came from before applying to be a staff of the new place.

“The due process in a University is that his application will be sent to the ‘Appointment and Promotion Committee’, which will set up an interview panel for him, and he will be screened”, Puyate stated.

He said if Fakae is qualified, and satisfies the condition for employment or transfer of service, then he would be employed.

He argued that it is against the rules for a sitting VC,to succeed himself or employ himself.

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