Biafra Radio: Northern leader condemns Igbo leaders silence

Biafra Radio: Northern leader condemns Igbo leaders silence

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 6:16 pm

FEMI ADI / Kaduna

Ibrahim Coomassie: lashes Igbo leaders over silence on Biafra agitation

Ibrahim Coomassie: lashes Igbo leaders over silence on Biafra agitation

Nigeria’s Northern based socio-political group , Arewa Consultative Forum ACF has come out  strongly  to  condemn  Igbo leaders  for their silence over  the renewed agitation for the creation of  Biafra Republic by some Igbo elements in South-East Nigeria, using the Biafra Radio , as megaphone.

ACF , which noted that  Biafra was settled in 1970 after the civil war , said it is  unfortunate that after 45 years when Nigerians are now united in a democratic system of governance , some Igbo are busy drumming the idea of another war and secession  through Radio Biafra and MASSOB activities .

The forum observed that the most painful aspect of the agitation by the young Ndigbo elements is the deaf ear and silence from the elders who experienced the bitter pill of the secession attempt, 30 months civil war and who knew the consequence of such futile agitation.

Biafra Radio

Speaking during a press briefing preparatory to the ACF Annual General Assembly scheduled  to hold tomorrow in Kaduna , the Chairman of National Executive Council ,  former Inspector General of Police , Ibrahim Coomassie said the agitators for the ” Unholy division” are anti Nigeria ,  insensitive and backward in thinking.

According to him , most worrisome is that the agitators are in their safe abode outside Nigeria and are openly campaigning in foreign countries for a divided Nigeria.

The former IGP who  recalled that only just a week ago,  an elder statesman from the South East celebrated his birthday by  launching  two books. He said a good number of personalities in the South-East  attended in their traditional regalia  and that as the event  progressed , it was nothing but Biafra with inciting and provocative speeches by one speaker after the other.

He claimed this posturing  made most  non-Igbo at the event   stage  a dramatic walk out and   that even the guest of honour could not halt the exit  in spite of pleadings .

” ACF expects Ndigbo leaders to come out openly and condemn such agitations just as others condemned Boko Haram insurgency in the north-east region . ” Coomassie stated.

He  urged the Igbo leaders and groups across Nigeria to come out and publicly condemn or dissociate themselves from what he termed ” Act of Treason against the state” by the disgruntled Ndigbo elements .

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  • Nyamiri Nyamiri says:

    GO IPOB and DONATE to a cause against GENOCIDE.

  • Nyamiri Nyamiri says:

    Look who’s talking.
    The very sponsors of BOKO HARAM who NEVER came out to condemn their TERROR Organization.
    Yorubas and the Nigerian Minorities are IDIOTS, and have looked the other way while the Hausa/Fulani CALIPHATE takes shape.
    They will regret their Folly when the coup finally emerges and they figure out what the North has been planning all along.
    Britain is Africa’s worst enemy.
    They created Nigeria to make sure the forces neutralize each other keeping the Continent a laughing stock and the DARK CONTINENT , forever DARK.
    These sons of bitches from the North have contributed NOTHING to the Nation , but CHAOS, MAYHEM, TERROR and BACKWARDNESS.
    They will be the first to start calling names while the ETERNAL COWARDS and Nigeria’s natural VULTURES, the Yorubas just sit back and watch, eager to join the winner.
    A geographical boundary created and supported by Britain to annul the development of the black man, a ZOO called Nigeria.

  • Nwaojoma says:

    Mr. Ibrahim, see how selfish you and your cohort are, you are asking why the Igbo Leaders are keeping quiet about Radio Biafra but you have not ask your brother -Buhari why he has been making appointment in the country without involving Igbo in the Country they have contributed so much to develop. Even the so called Federal Character is not recognized by the so called President Buhari. Note, Biafra has come to stay and any attempt to stop her existence and sovereignty will be disastrous. Please, mind your business as a Nigerian and leave Biafra alone!

  • Obidimma says:

    Mr ibrahim or what ever u called urself!, u ar fooling urself cos biafra has come to be, nd must be,we can’t be deceived anymore.u want one Nigeria but for more than 50 years now,power has been in North part of d country, president,senate president nd his deputy from were,house speak,inspector general of police,air marshal,chief commander of army,Efcc, nd numerous. Ministers nd non governmental bodies appointed by zoo president.why didn’t you lament on hw d biafran ar been treated in nationa” yet u have d mouth to tell igbos to mute biafra,it jus begun,BP will kill all of u.hw much has d zoo presido wasted trying to stop radio biafra,that hw u will keep failing.

  • Koffi says:

    The so called Ibrahim Coomasse is a fool to cure. I say this because he
    has failed to realize every South East and south South citizen is fully
    in support of the movement. How can I continue to live in a country
    where I have been purely marginalized in every areas; most importantly
    politically. The marriage is over now, let the northern zombies go and
    be on their own “period” Biafra must come to be

  • Osas Osato says:

    Ibrahim coomassie God punish you you are a mad man to the core
    Have you condemn boko haram that is killing people every day fool like you Biafra must be free
    Stupid ignorant like you

  • The Nigeria Future Project says:

    As long as you expect the same level of indignation and condemnation of Northern leaders towards Boko Haram

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