No Mass Exodus In Abia PDP-Nwaka

No Mass Exodus In Abia PDP-Nwaka

Monday, August 24, 2015 1:08 pm

Senator Emma Nwaka

Senator Emma Nwaka

Sam Obinna Ibe/Umuahia.

The claim by Chief Tony Ukasanya that 40,000 members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are set to defect to All Progressives Congress (APC) has been debunked by Senator Emma Nwaka, the State Chairman of PDP. Ukasanya was a member of PDP but worked for the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the 2015 elections. He now wishes to defect to PDP.

Nwaka added that Chief Ukasanya long left PDP to join Alex Otti’s APGA even before 2015 election; therefore it is no longer news that he is leaving PDP now because his party (PDP) still defeated APGA. The chairman pointed out that if anybody should be disturbed about Ukasanya’s exit that it is not his party but Alex Otti of APGA. He revealed that Ukasanya is no longer relevant in Abia politics and that he is making an empty boast just to score some political points.

Nwaka maintained that the people Ukasanya claimed would defect with him are not ready to join him after all but still remain in PDP.

On the claims that Nwasanya’s people wish to join APC in order to wrestle power from PDP come 2019, Nwaka dismissed this claim, saying that somebody who left PDP and joined hands with the Otti-led APGA that could not win 2015 election is now talking of how to win election that is four years away. He added that Abians and Nigerians should not take him serious. Nwaka therefore said his party would not lose sleep over this empty boast, stressing that when one reaches the bridge, one will know how to cross the river.

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  • Prince nwagwu- A.k.A onyeze says:

    It is a very welcoming and refreshing news that Tony Ukasanya is exiting The De~facto ruling party in Abia state. A party that looted ,and continues loot and deceive Abians. Tony should stick to his guns, more over now that it is apparent and obvious that such news scares the daylight out of Mr Nwaka who is very desperate /determined to preside over the status quo of keeping Abia down and undeveloped. As the epitome of the status quo -PDP a party that wrecked Abia state does not have have the moral compass nor the wit to reform itself, and bring about the so much-needed change to the people who have so much been oppressed by such oligarchs. APGA provides a way out of this situation. It is opinion. A.K.A onyeze .U.S.A

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