Nuhu Ribadu abandoned 72 hours to polls

Nuhu Ribadu abandoned 72 hours to polls

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 9:28 pm

Nuhu Ribadu: abandoned by party bigwigs

Nuhu Ribadu: abandoned by party bigwigs

The Adamawa governorship hope of former anti-graft czar Nuhu Ribadu was left in tatters today, following the desertion of his Peoples Democratic Party by party bigwigs to the All Progressives Congress.

Leading the defectors was former Deputy Senate Majority Leader, Jonathan Zwingina. Othes were a former Minister of External Affairs, Idi Hong, and two serving Senators, Bello Tukur and Ahmed Barata, as well as Sadiq Haske.

They announced their defection at a press conference in Yola today.

Zwingina, right, with Nuhu, weeks ago. Premium Times photo

Zwingina, right, with Nuhu, weeks ago. Premium Times photo

Mr. Zwingina, who spoke on behalf of the defectors, said they decided to pitch their tent with the APC to support the party’s governorship candidate, Bindow Jibrilla.

“We are positive of the change going on now in the country; we believe in the candidacy of Bindow,” he said.

Zwingina and Hong lost in their bid to represent Adamawa Central and Southern district in the National Assembly elections held on March 28.

Earlier in the day they met with the president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, who was in Yola to campaign for the APC.

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    Hi it is said to be honest i really apprieciate you

  • OWM says:

    What goes around comes around

  • Pat Matem says:

    Simply put, these are ‘fair weather friends’, now gone with the winds!

  • Moses Akinwamide says:

    With this there migrating/decamping to APC this we make it easy for the new president elect to probe them and even it is good so that they will not escape out of the country. The outside world are waiting for them especially united-kingdom and USA wherever they escape to in the world.

  • Kehinde Mustapha says:

    I hope they were not doing this to escape being probed by the GMB Admnistration.

  • Don Kester... says:

    Jonathan Zwingina again? He did the same to the June 12 mandate. Not surprised at all.

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