Igbo in Lagos: What Oba Akiolu said

Igbo in Lagos: What Oba Akiolu said

Monday, April 6, 2015 4:28 pm

Fashola,middle, Orelope-Adefulire, Oba Akiolu, right at an event

Fashola,middle, Orelope-Adefulire, Oba Akiolu, right at an event

Following a report quoting the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwanu Akiolu as ‘threatening’ Igbo residents in Lagos if they fail to vote APC’s candidate, Akinwunmi Ambode in the 11 April governorship election, the Palace has issued a statement clarifying what the Oba actually said.

Here is the unvarnished clarification:


‎My attention has been drawn to a publication in a national newspaper where HRM Oba Riliwanu Akinolu was alleged to have threatened Igbos in Lagos to make them vote for Ambode.

Last Sunday, all honorary Eze Ndigbos in Lagos paid a courtesy call to HRM Oba Akinolu. At the meeting the visitors praised the Oba for his fatherly support for and cooperation with Igbos in. Lagos. They assured him of their continued good neighbourliness with other tribes in Lagos and support everything that’ll further strengthen that harmony.

Oba Akiolu on his part acknowledged the enviable performance of Governor Fashola and his contribution to the growth of investments in Lagos. He gave the assurance that he is not disturbed or angry with South-East and South- South votes for President Jonathan as perceived by the Eze Ndigbos. The Obas thereafter called on the Igbos chiefs to show appreciation to Lagos State by supporting his candidate Mr. Ambode for continuity of excellence as they have earlier promised.

He assured them of his continued support‎ and assistance where needed and the meeting ended with the traditional breaking of kolas, alligator pepper, and bitter kola and pouring of libation on the ground. It was within this context that that the tradition of Lagos with regard to the lagoon came up. It was noted that whoever works against the throne and the interest and peaceful co-existence of Lagos would end up in the lagoon as per tradition.

2.Oba Akiolu stated further that the Igbo people have not betrayed the throne. Lagos has also not betrayed the Igbo people. Lagos has done so much to make the Igbos comfortable and to prosper. For this, we expect reciprocal respect and understanding. The Oba of Lagos prays that the Lagoon and the throne will continue to bless and protect all those who reside and visit Lagos.

3. Oba Akiolu is the father of all irrespective of tribe, religion or political persuasion. In Lagos, we have an old traditional proverb that relates to the Lagoon. The Lagoon is unique to Lagos. The proverb stresses the need for unity and understanding when you do business in an environment and in this case when you live and do business in Lagos.

Oba Akiolu prays for peace for the land of Lagos and prosperity for all its inhabitants.

Signed: Chief Lateef Aderibigbe Ajose, Opeluwa of Lagos
April 6, 2015

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  • bayuse says:

    If you read what Oba Akiolu said at the meeting, he acknowledged knowing Jimi, and his being his cousin. But he said Jimi is not prepared for the task of governing Lagos. Surely, Oba Akiolu is known for making so many goofs and gaffes in public speeches. Since he is not a member of APC and just a sympathiser, we do not need to persecute him for speaking his mind or take his comment on Ambode. Akiolu spoke in a fit of anger and I am sure he did not mean what he said literally.
    I must say that the PDP is only day dreaming thinking of capturing Lagos. Since their centre has collapsed, all those promoting PDP in Lagos, including the failed TAN led by Ifeanyi Ubah will also fail in Lagos. Lagos has a wonderful opportunity to leapfrog development since an APC government will be at the centre in May.

  • samson Ajisafe says:

    @ Dipo, I want to say here that I never support Oba Akinolu method of adopting one cand over the others bcus is a father of all. But I want to tell u that emergence of Jimi will not favour the state, he lack esp to govern lag, he speaks well but governance is beyond good speaking. Lag shd produce the apc governor this time to enhance development of our dear state, fed govt projects in lag will receive timely attention of fed govt only is apc produce the next governor

  • Dipo says:

    Story for the gods. Oba Akiolu is known for being partisan. Person of his standing and status should not be partisan. Is Agbaje not supposed to be his son? Is Agbaje not from Lagos? Why the partisanship? Why favor one over the other? Why then single out the Igbos? Are their no Yorubas that voted for PDP? For me Oba Akiolu had lost the respect that is meant for that throne. He belittles the throne of oba of Lagos. Oba Oyekan will be turning in his grave seeing what this political oba on the throne is doing. Meanwhile,we shall all go out on Saturday and vote Jimi Agbaje as our next governor of Lagos. Maybe this will make Akiolu to go on self imposed exile. Nigeria belongs to all of us not Akiolu can change that.

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