Okupe in terms with reality, says God made Buhari president

Okupe in terms with reality, says God made Buhari president

Friday, April 3, 2015 1:45 am

 Okupe:  God made Buhari president

Okupe: God made Buhari president

Dr. Doyin Okupe, the man who once ruled out the possibility of a Muhammadu Buhari presidency has now come to terms with political reality in Nigeria.

In a facebook post, Okupe has now described the victory of Buhari (rtd) at the Saturday’s presidential poll as the will of God

Okupe, who is President Goodluck Jonathan’s Special Assistant on Public Affairs wrote that the Presidency rejoiced with the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Nigerians on the progress the nation had made in democratic journey.

“It has pleased the Almighty God to give victory to Gen. Mohammed Buhari, the presidential candidate of the APC and the President elect”, he said.

Okupe said while the Presidency accepted this as the will of God, he personally congratulated Buhari on his victory.

The medical doctor’s had made several predictions on Buhari and his party, the APC. But they never came to pass. Among his predictions was the collapse of Buhari’s coalition party, setting the end time as November 2014.

“If APC survives till Oct 2014, CALL ME A BASTARD… Mark my words, it will not happen for Buhari to rule Nigeria…”, he had said.

But the party survived the primary election and produced Muhammadu Buhari to face Jonathan in the presidential election. Now on social media, Okupe’s taunters are now calling him ‘Bastard DOYIN OKUPE’, a name he had given himself, should his prediction fail.

“We’ve run a good race and fought a gallant battle. We’re bowed but not cowed. We lost the crown, but we gained a trophy. The PDP family must not despair”, Okupe said in his latest post.

Okupe expressed optimism that the People’s Democratic Party would soon bounce back to power.

“For our democracy to endure, it’s important that the winner clearly emerge, while the loser concedes with equanimity.

Certainly, we’ll be back. We’ll overcome this defeat and rise again to power and glory in a twinkle of an eye”, he said.

The presidential aide said if it took Buhari 30 years to come back to power, “it should take us much less”.

“For the opportunities we’ve had, we give God All the Glory. To millions of our supporters we say thanks. To those who are our adversaries, the battle has been fought, and it has been won & lost. The strife is over for the next 4 years only”, he added.

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