Osoba's SDP endorses PDP's Jonathan

Osoba's SDP endorses PDP's Jonathan

Sunday, February 15, 2015 12:00 pm

Abiodun Onafuye/Abeokuta

A chieftain of the Social Democratic Party, SDP and a former governor of Ogun State, Chief Olusegun Osoba said that the party has adopted President Goodluck Jonathan as its sole presidential candidate for the coming Presidential election.

Osoba said Jonathan was adopted based on his performance in office in the last six years, a not surprising announcement as the SDP is believed to be funded by the PDP.

Chief Segun Osoba: his SDP backs Jonathan

Chief Segun Osoba: his SDP backs Jonathan

He disclosed the party’s adoption on Saturday while addressing party supporters at his GRA Ibara, Abeokuta residence.

Osoba said the party has no option than to work for the Peoples Democratic Party,PDP Presidential candidate.

The former governor of Ogun State also supported the postponement of the elections,adding that it would allow the security agents to prepare themselves for the elections.

Osoba said that the party’s adoption of Jonathan followed the report of the National Executive Committee of the party.

Among the party leaders present at the meeting were the State Chairman, Chief Olu Agemo and other party executive members.

Two Senators and candidates for the Ogun East and Central Senatorial Districts,Senator Adegbenga Sefiu Kaka and Senator Olugbenga Obadara were also present.

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  • Mfoniso Udoekpo says:

    President Jonathan has strengthened relations with neighbouring
    countries and the broader international community, soliciting their
    collaboration to end the scourge of Boko Haram. LETS GIVE HIM OUR SUPPORT!

  • XsquadMagazine says:

    All hands must be on deck to deliver Goodluck Jonathan.

  • Alamu Ogboriefon says:

    Chief Osoba show me your friend and I will tell you who you are…

  • Owolabi Alaba says:

    Is Chief Osoba becoming senile? Just because Governor Amosun is not worshiping you, does that mean you must tear down the house? Its a shame. Again, this is the beauty of democracy. We have a number of adults demonstrating their craziness. Jonathan has performed great? Is Governor Osoba in Nigeria? Insecurity, corruption, oil and gas problem, national treasury emptied? Haba. Governor. Now, I know that in your bitterness, you have become a bull in China shop. You and drug lord Kashimu Buruji and former Governor Gbenga Daniel are now in the same camp? Whao? Truly, this is penkelesi year. We would wait and see the judgment of the people on your new found camp.. Certainly, Governor Osoba is finally using the winter of his political life in a very cold and brutal camp-the PDP camp. Shame on Governor Osoba.
    Recently you went to Ago-Iwoye and tried to play the sectional game of Egba and Ijebu. You accused the Governor of paying more attention to the Egbas. But why you were in government, did you pay attention to the Ijebus. What about your own policies? How did the people of Ogun State benefit? List your achievement in power and compare it to Mr. Amosun. Then we can talk. Politically, it seems, you are finished.

    Very truly,
    Owolabi Alaba, U.S.A

  • Uncle Charlie says:

    More endorsements. GEJ is the man!

  • kemi says:

    thank you for endorsing GEJ.

  • Etimbuk'showy Okpudo says:

    Goodluck Jonathan has done great as a president…so he will remain president till 2019…

  • uko bassey says:

    Osoba supports a brighter future for our great country Nigeria…go GEJ! till 2019

  • ahmed says:

    Good Nigerians all endorse GEJ as president till 2019.

  • Kufere says:

    The government has also taken steps to increase its non-oil revenues by blocking loopholes in the system, including partial removal of subsidy on imported petroleum products. These and much we need you to do for this country till 2019.

  • Etega says:

    Oga Osoba! man wey sabi.. Nothing do u.

  • Emeka215 says:

    Since assuming office in May 29, 2011, President Goodluck Jonathan’s economic team has been implementing far-reaching reforms and policies conceived in the economic blue print which seek, among other things, to revive the country’s infrastructure, diversify the economy from oil and create a vibrant economy. iSupport Jonathan’a transformation.

  • sofia williams says:

    APC is going to endorse GEJ soon

  • Mrs benita akpan says:

    That is a good one,it communicates to us and even to others that our leader has touched so many lives……GEJ all the way for me

  • nwaeke says:

    Way to go Mr President.

  • felicia jones says:

    GEJ is blessed by GOD and who GOD has blessed no man can curse

  • kingsley obi says:

    Support from front ,back,left,right….endorsements from every where……GEJ has won.

  • Ola Smith says:

    you cant cover up your self with a broom in the sun or rain. the umbrella has been superior. join the winning team#MARCH4GEJ

  • Esohe Akhigbe says:

    Team GEJ all the way, better hop on the train while its moving, we still have space for a few… lolz

  • yes, we all support and endorse goodluck, remember the slogan JEGA which means Just Elect Goodluck Again, exactly what we will do.. carry dey go presido nothing do you

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