Father Mbaka tells Jonathan to quit, for bringing Nigeria 'bad luck'

Father Mbaka tells Jonathan to quit, for bringing Nigeria 'bad luck'

Saturday, January 3, 2015 12:12 am

Nigeria’s controversial Catholic priest, Father Camilius Ejike Mbaka has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to quit office honourably, saying that the message is from the Oracle of the Holy Spirit.

In a new year message to his flock, at the Adoration Ground in Enugu, eastern Nigeria, Mbaka said the Holy Spirit told him that Nigeria is at the brink of change, following the bad leadership provided in the last six years by President Jonathan.

According to Mbaka, Goodluck leadership of Nigeria has turned into a national bad luck. The theme of his message was: From Good Luck to bad Luck.

“Goodluck met our oil, it turned to bad luck. He met our Naira, it became bad luck. We need change. Christmas that ought to be Goodluck Christmas became bad luck Christmas, he said, to the applause of thousands of people who attended the open air event.

Mbaka said he is worried about the future of Nigerian youths, the collapse of roads and the insecurity in the country.

Father Ejike Mbaka: Message from the Oracle of the Holy Spirit

Father Ejike Mbaka: Message from the Oracle of the Holy Spirit

To him, the re-election of Jonathan will spell disaster for the country and repeatedly asked him to quit.

“Nigeria is like an egg in the hands of Jonathan. We cannot allow him to break it. ..The way Nigeria is going, let Goodluck just go”.

Mbaka also criticised clerics who he said have been compromised by President Jonathan. They should speak up, he said and ”drop the money they have collected”.

“My interest is in the survival of our country”, he said and swore that he has not entered into any covenant with any politician to say what he said.

He criticised President Jonathan’s record in the fight against insurgents, saying at no time in the history of Nigeria, since the civil war, had we shed so much blood like now.

Seeking divine intervention, Mbaka said: “the same God that saved us from Ebola will save us from bad luck season”.

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  • Charles Ugwumba says:

    Good and evil like salt and baking powder cannot be confused for one another. We all know their distinct identities. Fraud enters the equation when people cite prayers, fasting, or voice of God as their inspiration for discerning a festering ulcer that sits in full view. This Mbaka dude should keep his day job or discard his robe and form a peasant militia

  • pastor joe says:

    dear reverend, are expressing your opinion or are u speaking the mind of the creator of heaven and earth? in the bible days, prophets dont speak on the affairs of the nation to enhance their popularity. they only say the mind of God and their words always stand. if Jonathan is not good enough for Nigeria and as such has brought Nigeria bad luck, who has God revealed to you to take over from jonathan. you so called big pastors and reverend are the ones leading this country astray because you prefer popularity with men rather than with God who has called you into His service if actually you are called by God.

  • Isiaku says:

    what stop the current Government from arresting him, if truly he made such statements,,,,, Mbaka also ask similar question

  • chinedu Okafor says:

    I agree with the reverend gentleman that President Goodluck Jonathan should quit and that Nigerians should vote him out this February. The survival and workingness of our country is very much important than just politics. Let other well meaning Nigerians speak right now or forever remain silent.

  • Zuman balanji says:

    My father in lord,We all understand your advice and prophecy but we all know that someone from North who is being a serious opponent to Jonathan told us in the 2011 that if Jonathan win,he will make Nigeria ungovernable to him and that is what we are seeing today. Do you want us to give our vote to him so that Nigeria will be governable in his hand my holy father.

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