100 Boko Haram fighters killed, 200 arrested by Cameroon army

100 Boko Haram fighters killed, 200 arrested by Cameroon army

Sunday, December 28, 2014 2:13 pm

Cameroon military forces have defeated Boko Haram fighters, in another encounter, north of the country, the Chinese news agency, Xinhua has reported.

More than 100 suspected Nigerian Boko Haram militants were killed and over 200 arrested during an operation conducted by Cameroonian army on Friday night in Far-North town of Doble, an army source told Xinhua over phone Saturday.

Cameroon soldiers patrol in Amchide:

Cameroon soldiers patrol in Amchide:

It was the second major routing of the Boko Haram fighters by Cameroon forces in less than two weeks.

On 17 December, in clashes in the border trading town of Amchide, Cameroon forces also killed about 180 fighters of Boko Haram.

Xinhua which also reported it said about 3,000 Boko Haram fighters were involved in the attack against Cameroon, but they were subdued after losing 180 men, with three Cameroon soldiers also killed.

The latest face-off near the Nigerian border starred Cameroon Air Force and Rapid Intervention Battalion, an elite army unit stationing in the north.

During the operation, three Cameroonian air force pilots were seriously injured, a military source told Xinhua.

In the same night, 23 Cameroonian civilians were killed and a village was burned by suspected Boko Haram militants in Mozogo, a place in Far-North Region.

Cameroun soldiers patrol in Amchide

Cameroun soldiers patrol in Amchide

The suspected Boko Haram militants are active in the north of Cameroon, they often attack the villages in the area, pillaging properties of the villagers and sometimes taking foreign and local people as hostages.

The Cameroonian government has strengthened the military might this year by sending more troops in the north to fight against the militants.

The fight in Doble, was the third this month between Cameroon and the rag tag army of Boko Haram.

On December 12 no fewer than 180 Boko Haram fighters were mowed down by Cameroon forces attack comes less than a week after a previous attack during which the Cameroonian army announced having killed at least 180 Boko Haram fighters on Dec. 12 in the same localities.

Security sources said it’s within the same territory that over 200 Boko Haram fighters were killed together with nine Cameroonian soldiers, during deadly clashes between the two camps on Oct. 15 and 16 in 2014.

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  • Joe says:

    I believe it is time for the Nigerian Armed Forces / government to authorize the Cameroonian gendarmes / Armed Forces to pursue Boko Haram bandits into their hideouts in the sambisa forest. As at this moment, the Cameroonian military doesn’t have the authorization to cross into Nigerian territory….into a zone that is completely under control of the rag tag group of bandits to exterminate them. This thing of sambisa forest would have been history.

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