Lagos APC primary: Tinubu appeals to all aspirants to accept outcome

Lagos APC primary: Tinubu appeals to all aspirants to accept outcome

Thursday, December 4, 2014 5:25 pm

Kazeem Ugbodaga& Yisa Jamiu

National leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has charged all the 12 governorship aspirants of the party in Lagos to accept the result of the primaries whenever it is announced in order to move the party forward.

Tinubu spoke at the ongoing governorship primaries of the APC at the Onikan Stadium, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

The former governor’s speech was read by the Lagos Publicity Secretary of the party, Joe Igbokwe.

Tinubu: appeals to all aspirants to accept outcome

Tinubu: appeals to all aspirants to accept outcome

Tinubu noted that over 6,000 delegates had gathered to choose a governorship candidate among the 12 aspirants, saying the event marked the beginning of the march for democracy.

Commending the aspirants for playing the game with decorum, Tinubu reminded them that only one of them would emerge winner at the end of the day.

“All of you are qualified but only one of you will win. We must join hands together to ensure the party wins at the general election.

“The way you conduct yourself will determine how Lagos State presents itself. All of you should comport yourselves and accept the result of the primaries as the choice of the party,” he said, adding that the party had worked tirelessly to make “today possible.”

According to Tinubu, the ememies of the party lie in wait to see if the APC would fail, urging the aspirants that none of them should tear the party.

“No one should tear down, let us put the enemies to shame and remain as one big family,” he appealed to the contestants.

“When I met with all of you some time ago , you spoke of the need to have a fair democratic process in selecting the flag bearer., Today you have that process.

“However, we must be realistic. As much as I wish the party could reward you all for your intelligent and sincere efforts, it is impossible to do so. There are 12 good men seeking but one position. Only one of you can win this contest today. We believe in you as you believe in yourself that you are all qualified in your own right.

“But for the party and for all of us to win and succeed come February, we must join hands in common cause and for one single, solitary purpose after today. That cause is to win the general election so that progressive and enlightened good governance shall continue to reside in Lagos and so that our state remains a shining example to the rest of the nation.

“The way we conduct ourselves after this primary will be a reflection of what Lagos represents to all Nigerians: a model of democracy, a symbol of peace and cohesion.”

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  • salihu ahmed says:

    Tinubnbu’s candidate will also win in the APC presidential primaries. He wants to take charge and influence the primary election. With the use of his trained area boys in Lagos victory shall be delivered to him. He is the most undemocratic politicians in Nigeria. He select, appoint and endorsed candidate to run for leadership position. Critics are not the most righteousness people. Nigerian Beware of Tinunbu!

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