Why we conceded defeat in Ekiti – Oyegun

Why we conceded defeat in Ekiti – Oyegun

Sunday, June 29, 2014 8:09 pm


Benin – Chief John Oyegun, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), said the party conceded victory to the PDP in the Ekiti governorship election to prevent the outbreak of violence.

Oyegun, who said this in Benin on Sunday while fielding questions from newsmen, also said that contrary to insinuations the Ekiti governorship poll was characterised with lots of irregularities.

He said that it was in view of these irregularities that the party took the decision to challenge the election result in the court.

“It should be noted that we didn’t just concede victory because the election was flawless but we took the decision to avoid violence.

“We did not want anything that will make the people react negatively and violently.

“The party will challenge the trampling on the fundamental human rights of the people before during and after the election,” he said.

He said that Nigerians should embrace the APC as the new party with a different agenda to fix Nigeria.

“We are presenting our party as new, as different, and we have done the studies as people who truly care.

“There is no way we can prove it to you because we have never ruled this country but we can tell you to look at APC-controlled states.

“We are not pretending to be angels, politics is not a seminary nor is it the papacy but what is important is what are you doing with the lives of the people?

“Are you restoring hopes to their lives? Are you making their lives better? If not for themselves, do they believe that the lives of their children will be better?

“Are your policies concentrated on improving their lives? Are the sectors working in the interest of the ordinary Nigerian?

“Do we have power, do we have quality schools, do we have security, do we have jobs?

“Can we continue in this kind of state?  I have told people who are ready to listen that this country cannot continue like this.

“There is no way it can survive it. So, we need people who have plans to start taking care of these issues and these are what the APC represents,” he said. (NAN)

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