Landlord denies attempt to kill tenant

Landlord denies attempt to kill tenant

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 6:31 pm

Mararaba (Nassarawa State) – A 45-year-old landlord, Jude Ugwu, on Tuesday in a Senior Magistrates’ Court 1, Mararaba, Nassarawa State, denied threatening to kill his tenant, David Cephas, following a dispute.

Testifying before the court in a case of theft, criminal trespass and assault filed by the complainant (Cephas), Ugwu said there was not such a threat.

Ugwu told the court that on May 8, 2013, at about 9 p.m., one Monday Obih and himself went to the complainant’s room to give him notice for meeting on security by all the tenants.

The accused said that when they got to the complainant’s room, they knocked on his door severally before he opened it.

Ugwu said that even when the complainant opened his door he (Cephas) did not accept the notice of meeting they went to give him.

He said that rather, the complainant brought a letter he wrote against him (Ugwu) and asked him to accept his (Cephas) letter.

Ugwu said that he refused to take the letter from the complainant, but one Obi who accompanied him to the complainant’s room, persuaded him to collect the letter, which he did.

He told the court that when he read the letter written by the complainant, he saw that the content was threatening his life and that of his family members.

Ugwu said that he invited some of his tenants who advised him to call police for the complainant.

He said he obeyed his tenants and invited the police over the alleged threat.

Ugwu said that when the complainant and himself got to the police station, the police were able to settle them.

Ugwu said after some weeks that the police resolved the case, the complainant took him to court and levelled the charges against him.

Mr Ade Nathaniel, the accused counsel who cross-examined his client, asked him to show the court the threat letter in dispute.

Ugwu produced the threat letter allegedly written by the complainant and it was accepted as an exhibit.

Mr Simon Karshio, counsel to the complainant, also cross-examined the accused, asking him how Cephas reacted during his attempt to serve the notice of the security meeting arranged by the tenants.

Ugwu said he did not react negatively to the complainant.

After the cross examination, Karshio urged the court for an adjournment.

The presiding officer, Mr Jeremiah Danladi, adjourned the matter until July 15 for adoption of written addresses by both complainant and accused lawyers.

Cephas took Ugwu to court on allegations of theft, criminal trespass and assault on May 20, 2013. (NAN)

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