Ebenezer Obadare

Ethnonationalist Rumblings

Why seeming democratic progress has failed to staunch agitation for self-determination in Nigeria

The Record Breakers

Nigerians’ seemingly coordinated assault on the Guinness World Records offers a didactic lens into the…

When Disability Meets Privilege

Authorities in Nigeria squander an opportunity to make a statement about human dignity and genuine…

When Non-Intervention Becomes a Dogma

Sometimes the only thing worse than foreign intervention is non-intervention.

The Ride of Their Lives

More than a mere automobile, the sport utility vehicle (SUV) in Nigeria is rich in…

A King and His Subjects

The relationship between a Nigerian pastor on death row and his congregation offers a timely…

Life After Weber

Ebenezer Obadare asks, "What if the solution to insecurity in Nigeria is beyond the capacity…

The Cult of Dirigisme

Despite repeated failure, faith in closely controlled economies among Africa’s political elites remains strong


The following text was drafted during a collective effort some years ago to secure a…

Acts of Privation

Feeling stuck and unheeded, young Nigerians are increasingly resorting to all manner of desperate measures