Ebenezer Obadare


The following text was drafted during a collective effort some years ago to secure a…

Acts of Privation

Feeling stuck and unheeded, young Nigerians are increasingly resorting to all manner of desperate measures

Religious Rumblings

Nigerians are increasingly frustrated with the Bola Tinubu administration, none more so than Nigerian Christians

The Destructive Drive in African Politics

The descent into normlessness in various African countries calls for a new scholarly and policy…

The False Promise of “Afro Democracy”

Africa needs more liberal democracy, not less.

Blood Money

When it comes to wealth transfer, Nigerian Pentecostal churches prefer to keep it all in…

Dependency Theory

The phenomenon of state-sponsored weddings across Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim northern region raises pertinent questions on…

In Search of Manhood

The genital disappearance panic sweeping across Nigeria evokes nagging anxiety over masculinity and male power

An Army of Special Assistants

Why do public office holders in Nigeria increasingly appoint a large number of personal aides?

A Democratic Inquest

Pervasive despondency about democracy in Africa urges the imperative to strengthen democratic institutions and practices.