Chief of Army Staff Lagbaja Visit Ogun, Charges Troop to Redoubled Effort

Lt Gen Lagbaja during the visit

Chief of Army Staff (CoAS), Lt. Col. Taoreed Lagbaja has charged the Nigerian Troops to redouble their efforts in fighting insurgency and insecurity in the country.

Addressing the troop during a visit to the 35 Artillery Brigade at Alamala Barracks in Abeokuta on Thursday, Lagbaja reiterated the Nigerian Army’s dedication to ensuring national security and serving society in fulfilling duties

He urged the troops to intensify their efforts, highlighting the ongoing transformation of the army with the support of President Bola Tinubu.

The CoAS assured the troops that the army would continue to give its utmost best to society and be committed to the tasks required of it.

” We as responsible military men, our job is not just to continue to demand from government, we have a responsibility to give our utmost best to the society.

” We have to be committed to the task given to us,” he said.

Lagbaja added that the government had the interest of the soldiers at heart going by investments in their operations and wellbeing.

He assured the troops of the Army’s Headquarters’ commitment to addressing some of their challenges as soon as possible.

He noted further that the Federal government had provided funds for renovations to be done in barracks.

“The renovation you see that is ongoing within your barracks is because the government has provided the funds to carry that out.

“So, the government has your interest at heart.

“They provide a befitting working environment for you. Whatever task you are given despite the obvious challenges, please put in your very best,” he said