Human trafficking :Edo State Partners Native Media on new Telenovela

First Lady of Edo State, Dr. (Mrs) Betsy Obaseki, and Chief Executive of Native Media TV, Dr. Rogers Ofime

By Daniel’s Ekugo

Native Media TV has announced its collaboration with the Edo State Government on a groundbreaking new Telenovela. This 78-episode series will address critical issues such as irregular migration, human trafficking, rehabilitation, and redemption. The project is supported by the Edo State Government under the leadership of His Excellency Godwin Obaseki, and supervised by the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism, and the Edo Film Project.

At a meeting held on Friday, May 17, 2024, at the office of the First Lady of Edo State, Dr. Rogers Ofime, Chief Executive of Native Media TV, highlighted the importance of setting the series in Edo State. He emphasized the region’s historical context with irregular migration and the authenticity it brings to the storytelling. Dr. Ofime praised the efforts of the Edo State Government and various agencies in combating this issue. He specifically commended the First Lady, Dr. (Mrs) Betsy Obaseki, for her advocacy for female empowerment and her support of organizations and charities that define the role of women and girls in societal development. Her initiatives aim to reduce dependency on coercive forces that aid human trafficking and ensure that returnees are properly reintegrated into society.

Native Media TV is renowned for its commitment to telling original Nigerian stories with international appeal. This telenovela will also showcase the significant strides made in the creative space by the Edo State Government. The Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism, led by the Honorable Commissioner Dr. Uyi Oduwa Malaka, has been instrumental in making Edo State a hospitable environment for filmmakers. This series will highlight the growth, technical expertise, and self-dependence fostered by initiatives from Governor Godwin Obaseki’s administration.

Dr. Rogers Ofime disclosed that the show is a Native Media production commissioned by Africa Magic. The telenovela will be broadcast on all Multichoice and Africa Magic platforms, including Africa Magic, Showmax, and Peacock, reaching audiences in 48 countries across Africa.