UN Poised to Reduce Gender Inequality In Africa

UN Poised to Reduce Gender Inequality In Africa

Saturday, April 20, 2024 12:50 pm

The discussion program

The discussion program

Abubakar Hashim

A discussion program organised by Africa Renewal and powered by the United Nations, on bridging the gender digital divide in Africa, will be held on Tuesday 23 April 2024.

Eminent speakers include AU envoy, Chido Cleopatra Mpemba, CEO, Pink Codrs Africa, Mbali Hlongwane, CEO Dronex Tech, Ruth Mtuwa and Africa Regional Director, International Telecommunications Union, ITU, Dr Emmanuel Manasseh, will throw light on strategies to reduce gender gap in the use of tech devices in promoting economic development in Africa.

The main aim of the discussion program is to enhance gender parity in digital use of automated devices, like phones, computers and tge likes, to promote economic activities in Africa.

Today’s world is automated and digital in virtually all human spheres of communication and economic engagements.

Women constitute more than half of the world’s population. In Africa, they are over 55% of the continent’s population. They provide the bulk of the food we eat.

They literally take care our homes and our children. Yet, they face double exploitation, in economic opportunities and cultural setbacks.

The upcoming discussion program by these experts, will exhaustively explore ways of bridging the gender digital divide that currently exits in Africa today, with overall target to sustain economic growth and development

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