Sierra Leone Update: Why The Coup Attempt Failed- Col Issa Bangura

Sierra Leone Update: Why The Coup Attempt Failed- Col Issa Bangura

Thursday, November 30, 2023 7:18 am

Col Issa Bangura

Col Issa Bangura

Abubakar Hashim/Freetown

The November 26 coup attempt was foiled at an early stage “ due to the gallantry and patriotism of the armed forces, particularly those loyal and nationalistic to the country.

This patriotism was triggered by reinforcements from the Presidential Guards”, revealed Defence Spokesman, Col Issa Bangura. He however admitted some moles within provided easy access into the armoury.

Independent investigations further revealed that the Ordinance division at the Murray Town Barracks, where majority of the country’s arsenals are located, was the ultimate target of the assailants, after previous attacks at the armoury at Wilberforce.

Leader booth, a bodyguard to former President Koroma, who was killed in the attack, was to lead the ultimate target at Murray Town Ordinance division.

It has become crystal clear that the November 26 coup attempt was a consciously conceived and purposefully executed act by forces, military, police and civilian, from within and outside the country.

The head of ECOWAS delegation on solidarity visit to President Bio, Dr Omar Toure, was clear in his response that “a standby force might be deployed, if need be, to Sierra Leone, to ensure stability in the security sector”.

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