STODAI: Made in Nigeria AI Platform Now Here

STODAI: Made in Nigeria AI Platform Now Here

Thursday, November 16, 2023 2:06 pm



STODAI, a cutting-edge AI solution designed to revolutionize how businesses, academics, and individuals engage with creativity, productivity, personal development and so much more has been introduced to Nigeria.

STODAI, according to co-founded by Femi Adeyemi and Taiwo Oluboyede, isn’t just an AI platform; “it’s your ultimate creative companion, effortlessly bringing ideas to life and thought to wealth. With a host of powerful features, it empowers users in both their professional, academic, and personal pursuits.”

Some of the exciting features, according to the founders, are:

Hundreds of use-specific templates: STODAI comes with a vast library of hundreds of use-specific templates that cater to a diverse range of needs, covering various industries and professions. This extensive template collection empowers users to generate content across various formats, from marketing materials and academic papers to creative writing pieces and personal letters, without requiring prior expertise or experience.

Expert advisers (EAs) in real-time chat: STODAI offers a unique feature that allows users to engage in real-time conversations with over 160 Expert Advisers (EAs) from various fields of expertise. Whether you’re seeking immediate solutions or nuanced advice from a Copyright specialist, marriage counselor, SEO expert, Poet, Legal Advisor, Accountant, Social media influencer, Motivational speaker or you need a spontaneous Comedian or afrobeat song to entertain guests at the weekend, STODAI connects you with relevant experts, ensuring you receive instant help in a conversation or they outrightly do the job for you. It’s like magic. This feature provides users with personalized advice, feedback, and support on their content creation process, ensuring that their output aligns with their specific goals and expectations.

General chat feature for instant answers: STODAI incorporates a general chat feature that enables users to ask questions on any subject and receive comprehensive answers in a conversational style. This feature leverages STODAI’s advanced AI algorithms to provide users with immediate access to a vast repository of knowledge, enhancing their learning and exploration capabilities.

With emphasis on creativity and personal development, STODAI distinguishes itself from other AI-powered content creation tools by placing a strong emphasis on fostering creativity and personal development. Its features and functionalities extend beyond mere content creation, encouraging users to explore new creative avenues, experiment with different writing styles, and embark on journeys of self-discovery and growth.

It’s also very easy to use. STODAI is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to individuals of all technical skill levels. Its intuitive interface, straightforward navigation, and comprehensive user guides ensure that users can seamlessly navigate the platform, access its features, and generate high-quality content without prior technical expertise.

We prioritizeduser’s privacy and security of their data, to this end, we have implemented robust security measures to protect sensitive information, employs transparent data handling practices, and adheres to stringent data privacy regulations, ensuring that users can confidently utilize the platform without compromising their personal information.

An African-Focused Innovation in AI

In a statement to this innovation, Co-founded by Femi Adeyemi and Taiwo Oluboyede, STODAI is poised to be the go-to platform for Africans seeking tailored AI solutions. In the coming weeks, expect a range of more African-specific Expert Advisers and templates, addressing local contents and need needs.

“We are super excited to present this and make it possible for everyone, regardless of age or status to create exceptional content,” said Taiwo Oluboyede, Co-founder/CEO of STODAI” He said, “This is the first step in an exciting journey of innovations ahead”

Echoing this sentiment, Femi Adeyemi, Co-founder and CTO, said, “Technology is now accessible to all. The days of Africa waiting on the sidelines are over, we are stepping into the front of the new revolution called Artificial Intelligence. While our scope spans the globe, our commitment to Afro-centric development remains unwavering. STODAI embodied a strong African influence and quality representation in the new industrial age, and you can expect even more transformative innovations from us”

Built for Continuous Improvement: STODAI is dedicated to ongoing refinement, with a special focus on integrating more African languages. Soon, expect to see Physics, chemistry, mathematics, coding, and much more offered in African languages, making learning easy and productivity truly accessible, not just for the English speakers alone.

While its robust capabilities are evident, it’s still in its developmental stage. We’re actively seeking user feedback to collaboratively enhance the AI engine’s performance.

STODAI is available for both FREE and paid subscription, get a test drive at

About STODAI: STODAI is a groundbreaking AI platform co-founded by Femi Adeyemi and Taiwo Oluboyede. It offers an extensive range of user-specific templates and a unique Expert Adviser feature, revolutionizing how individuals and businesses approach creativity, productivity, and personal development.


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