Leaked Video: How Moyo Lawal lost her mojo

Leaked Video: How Moyo Lawal lost her mojo

Sunday, September 10, 2023 4:41 pm


Moyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal

By Nehru Odeh

Not only has she set the internet on fire with her hell of a sextape, what many would regard as “da bomb”, she has set tongues wagging and men salivating and wishing they had a slice or a chunk of such paradisaic experience.

But not many can be as lucky as Moyo and the unknown bearded man who are the protagonists of that sextape that has gone viral and is going to be the talk of town for a very long time.

What with their obvious intentionality, their sheer pleasure, with the guy hitting it on and on for a long time and Moyo telling him to concentrate while looking at the camera as the action unfolds amidst unending moans; with both actors working on her sensitive, alluring boobs with both fingers and tongue.

Still, the question again is: Is Moyo ready for the pain that will definitely come with her gain, her new-found fame or notoriety? What pain? one may ask. Is it the pain of losing her fans or acting roles? Is it the pain of notoriety, of being notorious for her salacious photos and videos?

The truth is Moyo is unabashed. She doesn’t give a damn about what the public thinks about her. Moyo has lost her mojo long time ago. She has been grovelling in the dirt for a very long time. And as they say in Pidgin lingo, “No be today nyansh begin dey for back.”

And many a time she has given the middle finger to those who criticize her lascivious ways. “The last thing one could use to drag me down is sex,” Moyo once contumaciously said, replying to critics.

On another occasion she said all women are indecent, while giving the middle figure to those, especially married women, who criticize her risque ways, saying they were all hypocrites and did worse sex crimes in secret.

“Why do women call ‘sexy women names and just assume they are promiscuous?
These days, majority of women are having sex with married men, and cheating while married.

“So, why do you think you are better than women who show skin, who ironically (most times) are not even as half as promiscuous as women who hardly show skin,” she said.

Then she dismissed all of them with a wave of the hand. “You better accept, we are all indecent together” and she added “hypocrites”.

Still, the question is: Why did this actress who has everything going for her in Nollywood, having featured in many box office hits, decide to toe this path? is it because she is in search of love and eager to be hooked, as she once said she hardly have sex and had lost many suitors because she refused to have sex with them?

“I can confidently say I hardly have sex. You people cannot keep insulting me over something I don’t even do, and it is so annoying! What lifestyle exactly?!

“Let’s even talk it out now; what exactly do I do wrong? I make bold to say that I am more decent internally, than most ‘decent’ ladies because I get so many temptations that I hardly follow up on; so what lifestyle exactly?” she queried.

“Every day, there is one new baby mama. Please nobody should push me to really start to have a bad lifestyle because you won’t be able to handle it if I actually start to have a bad lifestyle. For a grown woman that is as hot, pepper hot as I am, I have an amazing decent lifestyle. So let me rest”, she retorted.

An amazing decent lifestyle? If her past salacious ways and the trending sextape is anything to go by, your response will definitely be as good as mine.

Still, Moyo believes in love and hopes to be hooked someday. If featuring in a sextape is her sure way of achieving her dreams of getting hooked, so be it.

Maybe someday she will get hooked to the unknown bearded dark man, since obviously she had done her own part of the bargain.

She believes that in love and dreams there are no impossibilities.

“The only magic I still believe in is love. And if you are to ask me, after all I have been through, how can I still believe in love, it is because I know that in love and dreams there are no impossibilities,” Moyo posted, some few hours before her sextape with the unknown bearded man went viral.

And if truly our curvaceous actress, whose backside makes men salivate, had done her own part of the bargain in such an indecent manner, would one be wrong to say wedding bells are ringing and marriage is not far away? Your guess is as good as mine.

Or is this just the beginning? Is this a tip of the iceberg? has she being pushed to the wall, to really start a bad lifestyle, which she once threatened we won’t be able to handle?

We keep our fingers crossed, as we wait for her to perform more impossibilities. After all, she has, as she once said, gone through a lot.

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