Princess’ Eviction:  Angry fans threaten to boycott BBNaija All Stars reality show

Princess’ Eviction:  Angry fans threaten to boycott BBNaija All Stars reality show

Monday, August 7, 2023 8:42 am

Princess Onyekwere


                 By Nehru Odeh 


Princess Onyejekwe has just been evicted from the BBNaija All Stars House. She was evicted on Sunday 6 August , 2023 during the live eviction show which was hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.Princess’ eviction makes her the first housemates to be evicted from the house.

The former housemates who says she is a serial entrepreneur expressed shock after Ebuka had announced her name. “What next? the bewildered Princess asked, as other housemates jostled to give her their final hugs. However Biggie asked her to evict the house in 10 seconds as he counted down.

What next? Princess asked in shock.  Still those words seem to resonate with many BBNaija fans who have expressed reservations with the way and manner Princess was evicted and are threatening to boycott the reality show.

Ever since Princess’ eviction, social media has been buzzing with criticisms leveled against the new twist which Big Brother had introduced.

That twist, which gives  a three-man jury the  final power to evict a housemate out of three housemates with the least number of number of votes, no matter the number of votes each of them has is currently under attack on  social media.

Princess was evicted after the jury, comprised of Bisola Aiyeola, Dorathy Bachor, and Mike Edwards, voted for her to be evicted.

This is in spite of the votes she garnered which made her of the three housemates the second housemate with the least votes.

Here is how Nigerians voted:

Ike – 1.59%

Princess -1.54%

Seyi – 0.89%

According to aggrieved fans, if the number of votes each of the three housemates garnered is anything to go by, Seyi, who had 0.89% is supposed to be evicted and not Princess.

However, with the new twist introduced by Biggie, the jury has the final say. And that is the reason they picked Princess and not Seyi for eviction.

Fans are angry that this new method of the jury finally selecting the housemates to be evicted based on their own choice, whims and caprices has taken the power of eviction out of their hands.

According to the fans, the power of eliminating housemates is no longer in their hands but that of the three-man jury.

Many of them have decaaided that since they no longer have the final say, their votes are useless. They have decided to boycot5 the realty show and stop voting for the housemate of their choice since their votes have to pass through the final scrutiny of the three-man jury.

Still, others have advised the aggrieved fans to continue voting for their favourite housemates so that they don’t fall within the last three, which has now become the group of death.

The question then is: What Next? Will BIg Brother listen to the aggrieved fans and revert  back to the former method or will he continue with this new twist, which has given the three-man jury the final  power to decide who exits the house?

Whatever decisions he takes is bound to either make or mar the Big Brother All Stars reality show. The ball is in his court and the fans are waiting with baited breath.



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