Breaking: Ipeleng takes Ebubu to the grand finale of BBTitans

Breaking: Ipeleng takes Ebubu to the grand finale of BBTitans

Sunday, March 12, 2023 11:02 pm

Ipeleng and Ebubu

        By Nehru Odeh
Head of House Ipeleng has taken Ebubu to the grand finale of the Big Brother Titans reality show that is scheduled to take place on 2 April.

Ipeleng who already has a spot at the finale exercised the supreme Veto power that was vested in her last Monday when she won the Head of House games in a dramatic manner.
As the winner of the HoH games Ipeleng, who automatically got the supreme veto power was expected to open a letter that has been in a box throughout the week.
Ipeleng opened the box, picked up the letter and read that she had been given the power to take one housemate alongside her to the finale.
Ipeleng, who had 25 minutes to make her decision, was in a tense situation as she did not know which of her fellow housemates to choose initially.
Still, at the end of the day, she finally opted for Ebubu, who was very shocked at Ipelwng’s decision.
The hosts of the reality show, Ebuka and Lawrence were also shocked. *I didn’t see that coming,” Ebuka said.

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