Photos: Who’s Who at the Final Peace Accord on 2023 Elections

From right, Kwankwaso, Adamu and Tinubu

*Respect voters’ choice, Buhari tells candidates

President Muhammadu Buhari, on Wednesday, advised all candidates in the general elections of Saturday to respect the choice of voters and accept the outcome. He said this at the second signing of the National Peace Accord by political parties and presidential candidates. It was organised by the National Peace Committee (NPC).

Tinubu and Adamu

If there is any grievance, Buhari urged the candidates to rush to the Temple of Justice for redress. “I implore the candidates contesting in these elections at all levels to respect the choice of voters and accept the results of the elections as announced by INEC, the agency empowered by law to do so.

Front row from laft, Archbishop Onayekan, Sultan abubakar, Generals Abubakar, Gowon, President Buhari, former South African President, Mbeki and others

APC Chairman, Admau, left, Tinubu and others

“Any aggrieved candidate should resort to the established judicial processes, and we must have the confidence to trust our legal systems. I once again ask the candidates to abide by the spirit and letter of the accord they have signed unto today,” Buhari said.

He added, “However, since my assumption into office, my government has worked so hard to ensure that we pass on a legacy of free, fair, credible, safe and peaceful elections.

Tinubu, right, Peter Obi and others

“We will continue to act with neutrality and allow the rule of law to take precedence over political expediency.

Tinubu and Atiku

L-R, Tinubu, Generals Gowon and Abubakar

“We have demonstrated that with the off-circle elections in Edo, Ondo, Anambra, Ekiti and Osun states. We allowed Nigerians to decide who should govern them. We are committed to this legacy till the very last day of my administration.”

Tinubu shaking hands with Sultan Abubakar

Tinubu and Archbishop Onayekan