Leaked Sex Video: The incredible love life of Empress Njamah

Leaked Sex Video: The incredible love life of Empress Njamah

Tuesday, January 3, 2023 8:32 pm

Empress Njamah

     Leaked Sex Video, Empress Njamah,

                                               By Nehru Odeh

                                            Sometimes love comes around

                                            And it knocks you down

                                            Just get back up

                                            When it knocks you down…

–          Keri Hilson

Empress Njamah is a lady for all seasons. Since she burst into the limelight via her  debut flick  in 1995, she has never been off the radar.  Even when she is not acting and decides to take some time off set to face her business and philanthropy, there is always something to talk about her, whether positive or negative. And she is naturally endowed in the right places, with the right proportions.

A drama queen, a title that befits her name, Empress, she is a star both on and off set. While on set, she is known for her deft interpretation of roles, and off set for dramatizing her love life. Still, one thing nobody can take away from Empress is that she has a heart of gold.

But that heart has been broken not a few times, as love has not been kind to the Imo-State born curvaceous actress, who said in 2016 that she had to lose weight to reduce the size of her famous backside in order to fit into a particular design and size.

To fit into a particular size and design? Sure. And each time she gets knocked down by love and wants to get back up, as Keri Hilson advises in her hit song, Knock You Down, she gets knocked down again.

The truth is though Empress is blessed with the right body and the right curves that men fawn about and gloat over but Cupid has not blessed her with love.

Many will never forget her love tango with Nigeran Afrobeats artiste Timaya, which ended up tangled. Many will never forget how the musician pulled her car over and beat her up in the process. Many will never forget how she sued Timaya for assault and the case had to be settled out of court.

Many too will never forget how Timaya once said one of his worst regrets was being in a relationship with her. And she in turned returned the salvo, saying that she was the one who regretted the relationship most.

That ill-fated relationship, which both couple regretted, turned out to be a turning point for Empress. It defined not only the way she saw relationships, it also defined her incredible love life, the way she wanted to live her love life.

Because she got both hands burnt in that infamous relationship with Timaya, she decided to remain single, saying that there was nothing wrong with being single.

Commenting on her marital status, she once said she is not bothered by remaining single since her family is enlightened and understands that the ratio of women to men is uneven.

The ratio of women to men is uneven?  Empress also went further to say that celebrity marriages do not last and there isn’t any point in wasting funds for a wedding that will not stand the test of time.

In 2016, Empress also said in an interview that for popular actresses like herself, their love interests may be someone who is limelight-shy.

“I am a realist. I am not the kind of woman who thinks that things just come to you. It will come at some point. It is not easy for people like us in the limelight unlike others. What kills us sometimes, is wanting to be perfect. A lot of people who fancy you probably don’t fancy being in the news.”

The foregoing has shown that after her liaison with Timaya crashed, the fact that it was short-lived and was with a celebrity, Empress was determined never to date somebody who is already in the limelight.  She was determined to find love in someone who is not in the limelight. She craved love but she thought she could only find it in someone who is not a celebrity.

Of course, not only is she a successful actress, she has all the things that seduce many women: a well -furnished house, a car and a profitable business of her own.

Empress was no longer looking for a celebrity to tie the knot with. Neither was she looking for a well-heeled guy. She was only looking for love, for a guy she could call her own, no matter how lean the guy’s pocket or bank account was. And she was content and felt safe with being friends with her own gender.

Then the unexpected happened. In 2022 she lost her bosom friend Ada Ameh, whom she did not only confide in but also trusted and love. According to her while still trying to come to terms with Ada’s death and was vulnerable was when a certain guy called Josh Wade walked into her life

If her experience with her earlier celebrity relationship with Timaya, how she burnt both fingers is anything to go by, Wade does not only fit the bill, he ticks the right boxes.

Not only is Wade not a celebrity, he is limelight-shy and prefers to play his game behind the scenes. Empress also fell in love with the fact that Wade was needy, was in trouble and needed rescue.  Empress thought she had found love in Wade who in the strict sense of the word wades through relationships.

Still, love wasn’t kind to Empress. That guy who has just set the internet on fire by releasing her sex videos turned not to be what Empress expected.

According to Empress, he abused her on so many fronts and counts. On Thursday 15 December, a video of Empress wearing an engagement ring and captioned “finally off the market” was publicly released on Instagram The video then went viral. Friends and fan left over 10, 000 congratulatory messages on the comment section to celebrate her.

But that, as Empress later revealed, turned out to be a ruse as according to her Wade forced her to wear the engagement ring so he could post the photo on Instagram. She said the previous post about being engaged is false as she made it under duress after being scammed, beaten, held hostage by Wade the supposed fiancé whom she said is from Liberia.

Empress also revealed in a video on her business Instagram account that she was being blackmailed to pay $450,000 by the man who had hijacked her main Instagram account.

Here is Empress story:, “A guy that one couldn’t even call a human being came into my life under the pretense of wanting to marry me, I didn’t know that he had other motives and he came when I was very vulnerable, when I lost my friend, Ada Ameh. I have been speaking to this guy on phone for months, speaking to people I thought were his relatives, everything is just scam.

“He came into my life, said he could not leave me because I wasn’t not okay. I really wasn’t okay; I was hiding it from the press. The death of my friend broke me down so bad I could not function and he said he was going to stay with me, I didn’t know he was busy gathering his tools, his materials which he was going to use to blackmail me.

“Afterwards, he had my naked videos and he changed, he started hitting me and when I wanted to talk and tell him this can’t work; he blackmailed me with my own videos and said I’m going nowhere and that’s when he turned into an animal, beats me anytime, locks me up, put the keys in his pocket, in my own house. I didn’t have access to leaving my room.

“This is the guy who lied me that when he came into Nigeria, all his things were stolen, his phones, his credit cards, his clothes and he got into trouble and he needed lawyers which I gave a huge amount of money, talking millions. He was out; he came to Abuja and started living with me. I became a shadow of myself, the Empress you know became a shadow of herself, if you were around me, you would notice my social life was no more, there was nothing to post anymore. My fans were asking ‘Are you okay?’ ‘Are you still mourning?’ They didn’t know I was going through something worse than that.”

Continuing, the actress said, “He wrecked me, finished everything. This person I’m telling you actually got a ring and forced me to do a video, which he posted on my page because he has access to my page. He changed all the passwords, logged me out of every email I have, everything I have, all my phones, my iCloud, everything, I don’t have access to anything, I don’t mind. I’m alive to tell you the story, I was able to run that night, I ran into the street, not minding who or how, I fell into a gutter. I was able to see a mallam to ask for a phone. I called my brother and he picked me from the hospital, the following morning, took me home.

“This guy came back, after looking for me, took my car, took my international passport, he took my remaining money. He took my iPad, my earpods, he had two bags of my valuables, took the car and left. He has the guts to be sending threat videos saying whatever I do, whoever I tell he’ll put it out there.

 “I’m not the one handling that page. #empressnjamah is not been handled by me. Go to my page and see the video he posted, does that look like something I will post? I was under duress posting that video called engagement.”

Wade on his part has a different story. He said he had engaged Empress on 18 August with a ring costing $49,800, adding that they were about to get married when he called off the wedding due to alleged cheating and fraud. Wade also said Empress had defrauded him of his money and had been having extramarital affairs with other men.

He claimed that Empress took money from him on the pretense of investing it in the oil industry, but she was actually giving it to a different man with whom she was reportedly having a relationship, adding that he had a private video of Empress and the man he had affair with.

Wade threatened to release the video if Empress did not refund the money to him, He made good his threat on 2 January when he released the videos in a WhatsApp group he had opened and invited bloggers to be part of.

Still, ever since the videos went viral many have been lambasting Wade for releasing those videos. They are taking his own account with a pinch of salt.  Not only do they brand him a monster and someone who is childish, they believe he went too far. Others also believe it is a big lesson for other ladies who are fond of taking nude photos and shooting sex tapes.

The question now is, now that love has knocked the naturally-endowed actress down for the umpteenth time, will she get back up as Keri Hilson advises in her hit song? Only time will tell.

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