Holy Communion poison and Tinubu…

Holy Communion poison and Tinubu…

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 9:05 am

Fred Chukwuelobe

By Fred Chukwuelobe

Tinubu may become president of Nigeria even with his Holy Communion and Church rat narrative.

He will say worse things and make more gaffes and still become president of Nigeria.

Not because he’s the most qualified.

Not because he’s clean.

Not because his health is fantastic.

Not because his real age is known.

Not because it is his turn or the turn of the Yorubas.

Not because Nigeria is ripe for same faith ticket.

Not because the APC is liked by the masses.

Not because of bla, bla, bla.

But because this is Nigeria. The country has no shame.

Politics is a game. Only those who practice it, select a winning team, win.

Only those willing to spend BIG no matter the source of the money win.

Politics is tribal. The most vociferous tribes outdo the rest.

The North has gerrymandered this country to its advantage.

The North will decide who wins in 2023.

The North will split its votes among Tinubu, Atiku and Kwankwaso.

Tinubu will take it because he will pick votes elsewhere and add to what he gets from the North.

The North knows about his health challenges.

Tinubu will cut deals with the North and we won’t know the details. He will do that to fulfil his life ambition.

The North has placed Alhaji Kashim Shettima as a place holder for the presidency.

He has already asserted himself.

He will run the government while the ailing Tinubu answers president.

Shettima has succeeded in galvanising the hawks in the North and they will line behind Tinubu.

The North will cede power to the South and be seen to have respected the unofficial power shift agreement.

They will retain power through the back door and bid for their time.

You may disagree with me. It is your right to do so.

I may be wrong. However, note that I have never assumed to be perfect.

The social media may seem to suggest otherwise, but elections are not conducted on social media.

As you disagree, remember that a simple memo from Polaris Bank, formerly Skye Bank, sparked a run on the bank with aggrieved Muslims closing their accounts.

Remember that, when Sterling Bank called Easter, the most sacred festival in Christiandom, ‘Agege bread’, Christians didn’t close their accounts.

Remember that your pastors and GOs are ‘waiting’ for God to speak to them on what to say about the Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket.

Remember that if any political party had dared present a Christian-Christian presidential ticket, Moslems would have abandoned such party and left to other parties.

Remember that Christians have not been outraged at the ticket as Moslems would have been if the reverse was the case.

Remember that Christians have collected money and became emergency priets and pastors just to help justify the lie that same faith ticket doesn’t matter anymore.

Remember that most Christians are weak and most of their leaders hardly defend their faith except to scare followers into parting with their money.

Remember that a Catholic from the middle Belt is in charge of the Muslim-Muslim ticket campaign.

Remember that Christian journalists are attack dogs of the candidates and have said unprintable things about fellow Christians who oppose the ticket.

Our political class is made up of the most selfish individuals whose only concern is to win and be in power ‘until death do us part.’

Northern political hawks are resurrecting lies and painting the South East with that to enable their ignorant and ill-informed followers hate candidates from that geopolitical zone.

It is part of the game. Journalists are being used to do the dirty work.

Supporters of the candidates from the South are good at abusing and cursing anybody who is against them.

They will disagree with me and abuse me.

Then, sit down and be sharing gaffes by Tinubu as if those will stop him from winning.

However, in the fullness of time, you will remember I wrote this.

Mark my words!

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