Why Ben Nwabueze Should Apologise to Nigerians


Prof Ben Nwabueze, sitting. Peter Obi is the one standing behind him

By Adedamola Adetayo

CHUKWUMA NZEOGWU plotted a bloody coup with his largely Igbo kinsmen. That coup eliminated the cream of the Political and Military Elites of the NORTH which included his benefactor – Ahmadu Bello, WEST and MID-WEST but miraculously missed every single Political and Military person in the EAST.

Nzeogwu and his mutinous crew didn’t get immediate death sentences.

Nzeogwu didn’t even get to trial in court in the seven (7) months of Aguiyi-Ironsi’s rule. He was safely kept somewhere. Aguiyi-Ironsi was always looking to the skies, waiting for inspiration from his unseen ancestors.

AGUIYI-IRONSI was himself installed through a thoroughly unconstitutional means, a crude and cunning backyard arrangement organized by then-Senate President NWAFOR ORIZU at a time when NNAMDI AZIKIWE, the President/Governor-General was conveniently abroad and looking from afar.

Aguiyi-Ironsi then invited Prof. BEN NWABUEZE and some other Igbo kinsmen to draft the MOST INIQUITOUS PIECE OF LAW DOCUMENT, THE ATROCIOUS UNITARY DECREE 34 OF 1966 that took away powers from the regions and handed over to the CENTER controlled by his KINSMAN.

It was intended to be used for DOMINATION but unfortunately for them, the same decree fell into the hands of the FULANIS who have since held it like a sword of Damocles over the whole of Nigeria.

That UNITARY DECREE is what has been RUINING NIGERIA EVER SINCE and which eventually metamorphosed into the current 1999 CONSTITUTION.
It will require a President or Governor who is very vast in the art of gangster and bandit politics to survive the maze of the 1999 constitution.
It is a landmine of INJUSTICE. Ben Nwabueze authored it.

That alone is a very sacrilegious insult to our sensibilities.

It was the same Prof Ben Nwabueze who was weeping on the shoulders of Atiku Abubakar in 2019; HE WAS BEGGING FOR RESTRUCTURING!
Today, a PETER OBI is strolling into the limelight ASSAULTING OUR SENSIBILITIES AGAIN with a lousy show of “good boy” helping an old man, the same Ben Nwabueze, a lousy show targeted at the feeble-minded Obingos, as the two men both desire for Obi to preside over the JUNGLE created by the ZIONISTS OF THE 1960s.
They rely on the army of IPOB ZIONISTS, NODES PLANTED AND SCATTERED across the country over the last 40years, and the other Obingos, to bully and blackmail everyone into their folly.

And when you speak truth to them they will dance about like headless chickens to call you a bigot and Igbo-hater.
Very irritating.

There are seven issues I want to bring out here:


I am telling you seven (7) things;
1. The IGBOS OF THE South East, led by Azikiwe and his cohorts were amongst the most treacherous and unreliable group of men who set the agenda for the instability in this country far more than any group from any tribe.
2. The IGBOS again destroyed Nigeria’s foundation by the coup of 1966.
3. Ben Nwabueze is the MAIN ARCHITECT of the worst STRUCTURES that have altogether put us in bondage for over 50 years.
4. This picture annoys me because the same man and the IGBOS as an ethnic group have never seemed necessary to APOLOGIZE TO NIGERIANS. This should be the first step to National healing.
5. AS A PEOPLE [ Not necessarily individual persons ] MAJORITY of Nigerians DON’T TRUST IGBOS and we are very justified.
6. Since the Igbos don’t deem it necessary to reach out with the mindset that they OWE US AN APOLOGY but going about with their accustomed arrogance, the Nigerian Presidency is a PERMANENT IMPOSSIBILITY FOR THE IGBOS FOR AS LONG AS THE PROCESS WILL BE THROUGH THE BALLOTS.
7. Lastly, a picture such as the one referenced in this post is ANNOYING.

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  • Mr. Ademola Adetayo, please unveil your identity and handle on Twitter, let’s discuss this crass propaganda and impairment of logical thinking on a public space. Your revisionism of history doesn’t bother me, I would only be bothered if you cared to extend such to the fulanis of this country and by extension the Northern hegemony that has misruled this country for years and are intoxicated by power rather than good leadership; or maybe if you could extent your revisionism to Tinubu’s tribe, his chronic kleptomaniac background and drug-peddling/money-laundering activities that are well documented with multiple evidences.
    It’s irritating but most unfortunate that you deflected from issue-based assessment of Peter Obi’s credibility, while masturbating over a picture of him helping Prof-Ben Nwabueze in a wheelchair, in a desperate bit to muddle up Ben’s arguable past with Peter’s character. How callous and demonic can you be? How long can the largesse lining your pocket from the Landlord of Bourdillon street sustain you?
    Did you do deep critical thinking before writing this nonsense? Peter Obi is the one running for elections, not Ben Nwabueze. Ben was the lawyer hired by Atiku (whom you have conveniently avoided mentioning in this diatribe) to contest his 2019 elections loss in court, and during one of the days of court hearings, Obi helped Ben with his wheelchair in a commendable gesture that characterizes his gentlemanliness. While this picture has melted the hearts of many, vile and hateful individuals like you are using it as a gotcha content to use and link Peter Obi with whatever wrong a man of Igbo extraction did in the past. Until you passionately write about and categorically condemn Atiku and Tinubu for all the people with disturbing pasts they have had public handshakes with or met in meetings or affiliated with (we can draft a long exhausting list of such individuals and give you an endless assignment), you will not be taken seriously and you will be exposed for who you are. Using a journalistic platform to instigate hate against a group of people (Igbos) because you disagree with just one individual’s past (an individual who isn’t even running for elections) is downright irresponsible. The attempt to link PO with IPOB has failed, this attempt to classify him as a coup-plotter and constitutional hijacker will fall like a pack of cards, and come February 2023, your shameful conclusion that an Igbo Man cannot preside over Nigeria will be put to shame and buried permanently.

  • Your hatred for the Igbos is quite obvious in your concocted article.
    Why not give them Biafra and be free from the Igbos then??